Experiences at Amanjiwo

The world’s largest Buddhist monument lies just minutes from Amanjiwo, yet the magnificent Borobudur is only one of the region’s many attractions. Amanjiwo offers bespoke excursions and adventure experiences tailored to individual interests.

Amanjiwo Amanjiwo Amanjiwo

Resident anthropologist

Contributing to Amanjiwo’s role showcasing Central Java’s cultural heritage, Resident Anthropologist has an incurable passion for Java. Patrick first came to live in Indonesia in 1997 but left to pursue his academic interests. He acquired a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology in 2001 from the University of Illinois, Chicago, followed by a Master of Arts in Cultural Anthropology in 2004 and a Master of Science in Humanitarian Action in 2009. In addition to a series of complimentary lectures, Patrick is available during the day to lead comprehensive tours of ancient temples and sacred sites.


Immersions in nature

Central Java’s dramatic landscape is ideal for trekking, whether up the steep flanks of Mount Merapi or into the lush Menoreh Hills. Discover villages lost in time amid fragrant clove plantations or walk to Selogriyo, an 8th century Hindu temple high on the slopes of Mount Sumbing. Here you can picnic with enchanting views of the rice paddies below.


Ancient temples

Legend has it that 2,000 temples once graced the plains beyond Amanjiwo. Those still standing include the magnificent Pawon, and Mendut, constructed around 800 AD. Time-weathered Hindu temples on the Dieng Plateau date from the 7th and 8th centuries, and the ancient complex of Ratu Boko in outskirt Yogyakarta boasts an ancient settlement built in the 9th century.


Arts and culture

Central Java is Indonesia’s cultural heartland, where art in all its forms has been celebrated for centuries. Rural villages host frequent festivals and celebrations, with gamelan music and spirited dancing, while Hindu and Buddhist temples exhibit remarkable architecture and centuries old sacred rites. An hour drive to the neighbouring region of Yogyakarta sees a vibrant mix of Javanese antiquities with an ancient temple complex in the north and a younger Yogyakarta Palace complex in its centre.


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