Amanjiwo, set within an amphitheatre of lush palms and rice fields, is a sanctuary informed by Java’s ancient past and vibrant present

Javanese Dining Experiences, Amanjiwo

The restaurant is open to guests and non-residents

The hypnotic sounds of gamelan resonate through the colonnaded Restaurant, with views over rice fields to Borobudur and the volcano-fringed horizon. Amanjiwo’s garden and nearby farms supply most of the ingredients used by the chef in a range of Javanese and Indonesian specialities – including a Makan Malam degustation dinner menu, updated daily


Simply cooked, market-fresh fish is a regular feature of the Makan Malam menu

The region’s diverse vegetables, fruits and spices are not only integral to the cuisine, but also to cocktails such as the soursop martinis that pair wonderfully with sunset panoramas across the valley


Enjoy a village-style dinner, nestled in a Galangal plantation at Amanjiwo’s rustic bale

Private picnics can be arranged at any time of day in the serene rice terraces, at panoramic spots by the Progo riverbanks


Mark an occasion with a Ramayana dinner – an indulgent evening of dance, music and cuisine

Private Indonesian barbecues can be served at a candlelit, rose petal-strewn table in your Suite or in an isolated spot on the grounds, accompanied by gamelan sounds


Home Dining Near Borobudur 

Pak Bilal’s gracious Javanese home near the famed temple of Borobudur becomes the intimate, candlelit setting for a private meal for those looking to enjoy a traditional Indonesian feast in the most authentic setting possible

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