Amanjiwo, set within an amphitheatre of lush palms and rice fields, is a sanctuary informed by Java’s ancient past and vibrant present

Javanese Dining Experiences, Amanjiwo

The restaurant is open to guests and non-residents

Amanjiwo’s garden and nearby farms supply most of the ingredients used by the resort’s chefs in a range of Javanese, Indonesian and Western dishes. Guests can also dine privately in-suite, 24 hours a day, and picnics can be arranged for adventures further afield.
Amanjiwo Indonesia exterior view of terrace at sunset

The restaurant

The hypnotic strains of the gamelan resonate through the colonnaded Restaurant, its bar, and out onto its magnificent terrace, with views over rice fields to Borobudur and the volcano-fringed horizon. Serving Indonesian and Western cuisines for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the Restaurant also offers a Makan Malam degustation dinner menu updated daily.
Amanjiwo Indonesia picnic setting

Galangal plantation

Private picnics and romantic dinners can be enjoyed in Amanjiwo’s hilltop bale, perched above a galangal plantation on the banks of the Progo River.
Amanjiwo Indonesia honeymoon set up with candles

Ramayana dinner

Savour a private Indonesian barbecue at a candlelit, petal-strewn table in your Suite or in a secluded setting on the property, accompanied by live gamelan music.
Pak bilal home

The home of Pak Bilal

In a village close to Borobudur, candles line the pathway to Pak Bilal’s welcoming home, where a multi-course, home-cooked Indonesian feast is served in his dining room. This unforgettable experience is only available to Amanjiwo guests with advance booking.

Special requests

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