Amanjiwo, set within an amphitheatre of lush palms and rice fields, is a sanctuary informed by Java’s ancient past and vibrant present

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Borobudur – the world’s largest Buddhist monument and one of many religious sites in the area – is a short drive from Amanjiwo resort. Time-weathered Hindu temples on the Dieng Plateau date from the 7th and 8th centuries, and the ancient complex of Prambanan boasts towering Hindu temples dotted across the plain. Java’s dramatic landscape is ideal for trekking, whether up the steep flanks of Mt Merapi or into the lush Menoreh Hills, replete with villages, clove plantations and rice fields

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Borobudur's six platforms are decorated with 2,672 relief panels and 504 lifesize buddha statues

It would take years to unpack the ancient secrets written into the ninth-century reliefs and statues, but Amanjiwo's guides - all born within the temple's shadow - can shed light on some of the sacred stories within its artworks. At dawn, as the sun scales the surrounding volcanoes and the mist clears, a spiritual peace descends on this UNESCO World Heritage site

Amanjiwo, Indonesia - Rice Fields

The Menoreh Hills offer numerous trekking paths and inspiring sunset views

The walk to Selogriyo, an 8th-century Hindu temple isolated high up the slopes of Mt Sumbing, passes through some of Java’s most enchanting rice paddies

Jiwo dance

Central Java's one of Indonesia's richest and diverse artistic regions

Rural villages host frequent celebrations, with gamelan music and spirited dancing, while Hindu and Buddhist temples are replete with centuries of architectural and sculptural masterpieces

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