Ise-Shima Adventure Experiences

The hills above Ago Bay, Japan, are the serene setting of Amanemu, situated close to the holy Shinto site of Ise Grand Shrine. The UNESCO World Heritage-designated Kumano Kodo pilgrimage trails can also be visited. The region’s natural beauty takes centre stage as the seasons change, offering opportunities to discover cultural treasures and witness the pearl rafts by the bay.

Amanemu Journey

Ise Jingu, dating back to the 3rd century, is one of the most sacred sites in Japan

Home to Naiku and Geku Shrines, lively annual festivals are based on the cycle of the agricultural year 

Explore Ise Grand Shrine with an expert guide and witness a prayer session and dance

The morning chanted prayers are followed by a ritual dance to the deities in the Hall of Sacred Music and Dance in Naiku, the main sanctuary at the Ise Grande Shrine

Don a traditional kimono and discover spaces in the Ise Grand Shrine where few have access

A guide will escort you to the main sanctuary where you have the opportunity to view aspects of the sanctuary rarely seen by outsiders and discover the history of this sacred shrine

Located a three hour drive from Amanemu, Kumano Kodo pilgrimage routes connect sacred sites across the region’s captivating countryside

Collectively designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2004, the mountainous and coastal trails have been in use for more than a millennium

For centuries, Ago Bay has been home to the Ama female freedivers who collect shellfish, seaweed and sea urchin

Dine on a special Amanemu menu with an ama in her hut, an amagoya, and discover an ancient way of life in one of its few remaining homes

Explore Ago Bay, known as the bay of pearls, replete with an array of drifting rafts

Amanemu is set within Ise Shima National Park, a coastal sanctuary with verdant forests, mountains and constantly changing sea views
amanemu dining sashimi seafood

Enjoy tempura and sashimi caught by your own hand

Fish with an expert angler from the sheltered shore or from farther out in the water by boat and the Amanemu chefs will do the rest, preparing the catches to showcase their flavours
nemu golf course in japan

Overlooking Ago Bay, the 18-hole Nemu Golf Course is set near Amanemu

Remodelled in 2015, the course has an extensive practice facility, including a driving range with natural grass tees, some of which are covered for all-weather 

Experience the dramatic, vibrant sunset from amid the island-dotted bay

A boat will take you out past the rugged coastline as the sun sinks down below the islets of the Shima Peninsula

Pair a trip to one of the world’s great metropolises with a serene rural escape

Journeys can be arranged to incorporate both Aman Tokyo, located in the heart of the vibrant Japanese capital, and Amanemu, an unparalleled hot spring retreat

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