Nature Discovery Center

Nature Discovery Centre

Discover the diverse ecosystems of the Turks and Caicos Islands both above and below water at our on-site Nature Discovery Centre. Environmental programmes for all ages focus on the discovery and conservation of the surrounding indigenous wildlife.

Restoring the reef

Spend time with Amanyara’s resident Marine Biologist Clare Atkinson for an insight into the beauty and balance of the undersea ecosystem. Join her for eye-opening adventures in the world below the waves, and get a crash course in marine biology, learning how corals are the cornerstones of ocean life. 
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Adopt a coral in our pioneering rehabilitation programme

By transplanting broken-off pieces of coral, the project helps to rejuvenate the reefs and attract increasing numbers of marine wildlife.
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Kayak and snorkel with a naturalist to discover indigenous underwater flora and fauna

The Nature Discovery Centre team can tailor activities to all ages and interests, both above and below the water.
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Fun, youth-orientated nature and science programmes engage and educate

Specialist guides lead expeditions along the rocky shore as well as critter safaris, scavenger hunts and bird watching walks.
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Star-strewn night skies

Amanyara's stargazing kits allow to truly appreciate the brilliant night sky, free from light pollution, while reading stories of constellations and ancient astronomers.

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