Exploring Núi Chúa National Park

Recognised by UNESCO in 2021, Amanoi’s neighbouring Núi Chúa National Park fans out to encompass 14 tropical ecosystems, including knitted forests, coral-rich seas and cacti-studded semi-desert. A key biodiversity corridor, it harbours 1,500 plant species and 756 types of wild animals, including green sea turtles on Bai Thit Beach – one of the few places on mainland Vietnam where nesting turtles return to lay eggs each year.

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Núi Chúa - King Mountain Trek 

Amanoi’s longest trek covers 20 kilometres. Beginning at Da Hang village, it ascends to the renowned King Mountain and concludes in Cau Gay village. The illuminating nine-hour journey includes lunch along with a porter and informative guide, who’ll share stories of the surrounding mystical landscape.  

Vinh Hy Village Experience 

The day begins with breakfast at Ong Nam’s house, home to an elderly couple and their relatives, in the fishing village of Vinh Hy. A family-style morning meal precedes  a leisurely stroll through the village, walking past colourful houses en route toa scenic boat ride from Vinh Hy Bay.  

Ba Tang Waterfall Trek 

Ba Tang, or the “Three-Layer Waterfall”, is ripe for swimming and an ideal vantage point for admiring the nature of Núi Chúa. A 20-minute drive from Amanoi takes you to the nearby village of Da Hang, where a walk along the valley passes local farms, villagers and viridian paddy fields, before a one-hour trek through the forest to Ba Tang waterfall. On return, pause for breakfast or a lunchtime picnic overlooking the rice fields. 

Trek and Picnic in Rock Park

A 20-minute drive from Amanoi is the fascinating Bai Da (Rock Park). Start with a gentle walk through this elevated region of natural rock formations, which archaeologists believe was once home to dinosaurs. Enjoy a morning picnic, before a scenic downhill trek towards the turtle-conservation beach of Bai Thit. The final ascension to Bai Da presents scenic views of the coast.