Tiger's Nest Cabin

Nestled in the foothills where pilgrims begin their journeys in the shadows of the iconic Tiger’s Nest, Amankora’s log cabin offers a breathtaking prelude or a cosy finale for hikes up to the legendary monastery. Accessible via a hidden path just moments from the main hiking trail, the quaint cabin is surrounded by a verdant pine forest which opens onto tranquil lawns with sweeping vistas of the monastery structures that appear to precariously cling onto the dramatic cliffside.   

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Originally constructed for its proximity to the monastery and the blessings it endows from the prayer flags that fly above, the cabin’s original prayer room is still intact, making it an ideal place for meditation and self-reflection before or after visiting the Kingdom’s holiest monument. Inside, the wooden abode provides space to relax and enjoy a refreshing drink or sumptuous meal warmed in the traditional bukhari stove. Meanwhile, outside on the terrace, a hot pot of tea can be enjoyed while under the gaze of the Tiger’s Nest. Enhance your long-awaited visit to one of the world’s most fascinating heritage sites with the following unique experiences in Amankora’s cabin.

Sunrise Breakfast  

Leave the lodge before the break of dawn and awaken to the first light of a rare Himalayan sun as it gently rises over the cliffs, slowly illuminating the structures of the Tiger’s Nest, shrouded in morning mist. As you observe the historic monastery and its surrounding landscapes as they come into full sight, enjoy a nourishing breakfast served on the cabin’s terrace – a perfect way to energise ahead of the hike – before arriving as one of the first to reach the monastery. 

Restorative Lunch 

Conclude your experience of Bhutan’s holiest pilgrimage site with a rejuvenating lunch experience in the shadows of the Tiger’s Nest. Upon arrival at the cabin, a refreshing drink awaits before a relaxing 30-minute foot massage to soothe tired limbs. Refreshed and recovered, a sumptuous lunch follows, with the Tiger’s Nest in full view inviting a moment’s reflection on the morning’s adventures. 

Memorable Milestones and Captivating Celebrations

Whether celebrating a wedding, anniversary or any personal milestone, Amankora’s log cabin offers a unique and memorable backdrop. A serene setting for intimate events of up to ten guests, the cabin’s interior makes for the perfect private dining spot, while it’s grounds can be configured to host up to 50 guests, with verdant lawns, cocooning forest, and panoramic views creating a fitting atmosphere worthy of any occasion.