Wellness & Spa at Amankora

The serenity of the mountain landscape makes Bhutan the ideal destination to refresh and rejuvenate body and mind, with Himalayan plant- and herb-based therapies and traditional wellbeing rituals available in Amankora’s five cedar-scented spas.

Amankora, Bhutan - Gangtey Lodge Amankora, Bhutan - Gangtey Lodge Amankora, Bhutan - Gangtey Lodge

Herbal healing and hot-stone baths

Known in Bhutan as khempa, the herb artemisia is a natural analgesic, used as a healing addition to the traditional Himalayan bathing ritual. A short walk from Aman Gangtey, atop a hill above the picturesque Phobjikha Valley, a wooden hut with bamboo doors houses Aman’s Bhutanese hot-stone bath. Soak in candlelight in waters rich in minerals and floating sprigs of khempa, and enjoy a hot apple cider as the sun sets.

Movement and meditation

The Amankora day begins with morning yoga in the spas’ dedicated mountain-view studios. The Lodges also run a programme of yoga-focused wellbeing retreats and monks frequently visit from Bhutan’s monasteries to lead meditation sessions, share their teaching and offer blessings to Lodge guests.

Flag and forest therapy

Inspired by ancient Buddhist teachings, grounding sensory experiences give guests an opportunity to pause, focusing only on listening, breathing and feeling. Forest bathing involves take tranquil walks through pristine wilderness, absorbing the forest's healing ambience. An iconic part of Bhutanese culture for centuries, prayer flags are mounted to encourage happiness and prosperity. The sight and sounds of the colourful flags as they flutter on the mountainside create a focal point for transformative meditation.

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The spa experience from the comfort of home

In recent years, Aman has grown to offer its coveted lifestyle beyond the parameters of its havens. Aman Skincare and Sva supplements harness powerful natural ingredients to provide balance and optimal wellbeing within and without, while Aman Fine Fragrance products bring the spirit of Aman into the comfort of home.