Getting to Amankora in the Kingdom of Bhutan

Amankora’s five intimate lodges are perfectly placed to offer a seamless journey of discovery through this remarkable Himalayan Kingdom. Amankora’s expert, multilingual reservations team can assist with all travel arrangements, from organising visas and booking internal flights, to planning bespoke, multi-lodge itineraries. 

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Bhutan is renowned for its carefully considered travel regulations that help to protect its culture, natural beauty and age-old way of life. As a result, most nationalities require a visa to enter the Kingdom, obtained at least seven working days before arriving in the country. 

Amankora is ready to help with every step of the visa process, which involves a passport valid for at least 6 months following the date of arrival and proof of return flights, travel insurance and paid accommodation.

Nationals of Bangladesh and the Maldives can obtain a visa on arrival (or online in advance to save time), while Indian nationals require a permit (also obtained online or on arrival).


Travel Insurance

Amankora is dedicated to ensuring that your stay is as effortless and enjoyable as possible. To this end, travel insurance is not just a visa requirement, but also a highly recommended investment to protect against unexpected cancellations or delays, as well as any unforeseen circumstances or expenses that may arise during your travels. 


Sustainable Development Fee (SDF) 

A country of less than half a million people, Bhutan has always carefully limited the number of travellers across its borders. With its customary prescience, the Kingdom has stepped back onto the world’s stage with new measures to protect its natural and cultural heritage and to enhance the tourist experience. The daily Sustainable Development Fee (SDF) of USD $100 per person per night, promotes carbon-neutral tourism, preserving and increasing Bhutan’s allure as an ever more rarefied, sought-after travel destination.   

As of 1 September 2023, the Royal Government of Bhutan adjusted the Sustainable Development Fee (SDF) policy, with new, reduced rates applicable to all visitors regardless of the length of stay: 

  • $100 per adult per day  

  • $50 per child (6 - 12 years of age) per day 

Visitors who are 13 years of age or older at the time of travel will be charged as adults. These revised rates will remain in effect until 31 August 2027. 

International flights

The gateway to Bhutan, Paro International Airport (PBH) is the kingdom’s only international airport, located just 17km from Amankora Paro (a 25-minute drive) and 50km from Amankora Thimphu (a 90-minute drive). 

Bhutan Airlines and Druk Air are the only two international carriers permitted to operate in and out of the Kingdom. Druk Air is also responsible for the 35-minute domestic flights between Paro International Airport and Bathpalathang Airport (BUT), which is situated just 4km (a five-minute drive) from Amankora Bumthang.

Flight duration to Paro International Airport

Please note that additional visas may be required when transiting through these cities

  • Bangkok, Thailand - 3hr 15min 

  • Kathmandu, Nepal  -  1hr 15min

  • New Delhi, India  -  2hr 20min

  • Singapore - 6hr 15min 

  • Dhaka, Bangladesh  -  1hr 10min

  • Kolkata, India  -  1hr 15min

Getting around Bhutan

To truly experience the Kingdom of Bhutan, we recommend combining stays at as many of Amankora’s five lodges as time allows. Inspired by a kora or a circular pilgrimage, Amankora journeys include travel arrangements by private car between the lodges, with scenic routes passing over spectacular mountain passes and revealing dramatic Himalayan landscapes along the way. 

Road transportation between lodges for stays of seven nights or longer is complimentary, and we recommend incorporating the 35-minute domestic flight between Paro and Bumthang either at the start or end of your journey to make the most of your time in the Kingdom.

Travel times between lodges by private car

Travel times are approximate and subject to change depending on road and weather conditions

  • Paro to Thimphu  -  1hr 30min

  • Paro to Punakha  -  4hr

  • Thimphu to Punakha  -  2hr 30min

  • Thimphu to Gangtey  -  4hr 30min

  • Punakha to Gangtey  -  2hr 30min

  • Punakha to Bumthang  -  6hr

  • Gangtey to Bumthang  -  5hr

Aman Private Jet

Private air travel

Due to the Kingdom’s Himalayan setting and its steep terrain, Bhutan only welcomes private jets with a pilot who is licensed and trained to land at Paro International Airport. Private jets are not permitted to land at Bathpalathang Airport. For guests who wish to travel by private jet or charter a flight with either of Bhutan’s national airlines, Amankora’s reservations team is always ready to assist.


Private Jet Journey: Amankora and Amanpuri

Combining stays at Amankora in Bhutan’s magnificent mountain realm and Amanpuri on the west coast of Phuket, this private jet journey promises the easiest and most luxurious transition possible between the two properties, along with a host of personalised inclusions. From the secluded white sands of Pansea Beach to the Himalayas, this journey across Southeast Asia reveals its remarkable natural beauty and cultural heritage.

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