3 Bedroom Villa, Amandari

Composed of five pavilions, a lush garden and a two-tiered swimming pool, the 1,500-square-metre (16,146 square feet) Amandari Villa features three detached terrace-style bedrooms around a glass-walled living room and kitchen. Serviced by two staff, it is situated a minute’s drive from Amandari

  • Standalone villa offering consummate privacy
  • One-minute drive from the resort
  • Views of the Ayung River Gorge and rice paddies
  • Private garden
  • Two-tiered private swimming pool
  • Landscaped deck
  • Pool terrace views of Batukau, Sanglyang and Lesong Peaks
  • Dedicated vehicle, always on call
  • Two full-time staff
  • Three detached, terrace-style en-suite bedrooms with king-size bed
  • Separate glass-walled living room
  • Open-air dining bale (pavilion) for six
  • Fully-equipped kitchen
  • TV, sound system, safe
  • Air conditioning, ceiling fan
  • Personal bar
  • Wi-Fi

Special Requirements

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