Arva Italian Restaurant at Aman Venice

A new dining experience celebrating Italy’s bold flavours and simple ingredients

Paying tribute to Italy’s rich culinary heritage, Arva is a dining concept brought to life by Aman Venice's Executive Chef Dario Ossola. Open now at Aman Venice, and featured at a number of Aman destinations around the globe, this unique dining experience is based on inventive Italian cooking techniques, utilising simple, locally-sourced ingredients. Arva celebrates the shared enjoyment of uncomplicated flavours in a welcoming and convivial atmosphere


Meaning 'cultivated land' in Latin, Arva brings the heart of Italian cuisine to Aman

Arva's vision is to use a chef's instinctive understanding of flavour and the creativity of necessity to prepare bold, heart-warming dishes that can be shared among family and friends



Dishes are served family style, paying respect to Italian culinary traditions. This style of cuisine draws influence from Italian cooks who concocted dishes solely from what was available in the gardens, forests and oceans surrounding them


Italian heritage with a bespoke twist

At Aman Venice, Arva features dishes such as Tagliatelle alle Castagne (chestnut tagliatelle, chanterelles and Castelmagno cheese), maccheroncini trafilati, trombette e Provolone del monaco (handmade maccheroncini, courgettes and Provolne cheese), and faraona al forno, pastinaca e aglio nero (baked guinea fowl, parsnip and black garlic)


Born from a shared passion

Arva’s Italian co-creators, Chefs Stefano Artosin and Andrea Torre, have enjoyed rich and varied careers, taking them to some of the world’s most prestigious kitchens. Both are excited to go back to their roots and champion traditional Italian cooking: friendly, familial and uncompromisingly focused on flavour


Arva at Aman Venice 

In keeping with the local and familial philosophy of the concept, both chefs have consulted local farmers, fishermen, market traders and niche suppliers to source the freshest Adriatic fish, single-source olive oils from Tuscany and Liguria, artisanal pasta, and daily produce from the Rialto market. The result is a considered selection of pastas, risottos, prime meats and seafood, generous sharing dishes, delectable gelati and sorbetti, as well as – in homage to Venice’s globally beloved cicchetti heritage – a wide range of small plates

Make a reservation

Arva is open to guests and non-guests of Aman Venice. 
Please email the Aman Venice team or phone +39 041 2707714 to find out more and to make a reservation.
Timeless, not trend-led
"Arva balances authenticity and sustainability to create dishes that prize flavour and quality above showmanship and theatre, and which are timeless rather than trend-led. Most of all, Arva offers honest, simple dishes which champion the incredible ingredients sourced locally” 

Chef Artosin