Nature's patterns

Nature's patterns

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There is a certainty in the recurring rhythms of nature. The sequences of sun and moon. The steadfastness of the seasons, guaranteed to come and go. These constants in a world ever-changing offer reassurance – the first blossom of spring sparking feelings of joy and renewal – a sentiment echoed across the globe.  

Aman has long revelled in the beauty of nature, paying homage to its patterns through minimalist design, its bounty through nourishing cuisine, and its powerful healing properties through a holistic approach to wellness. This season, as signs of spring begin to appear, we celebrate nature’s patterns and the exceptional environments that Aman calls home.   

Amankora, Bhutan - Experience
Amanruya, Turkey - Resort, floral detail,

Nature & wellbeing

Where nature reigns supreme, so too do the people, living longer, with thanks to the great outdoors. At Aman properties across the globe, harness the restorative powers of their settings which have been celebrated since antiquity.

No place is the power of nature better demonstrated than in Japan where the impact on wellbeing has been appreciated since the samurai, who would bathe in natural hot pools to recover from battle. Today, at Amanemu, the same soothing benefits are enjoyed in the resort’s mineral-rich waters, fed by a nearby spring. Across Asia in Cambodia, Japanese wellness traditions are further appreciated at Amansara, where shinrin-yoku (the Japanese practice of forest bathing) provides the opportunity to find balance in the ancient Angkorian forest. 

From Asia to the coastlines of Europe, at Amanzoe, the natural environment also forms the basis for wellness. Honouring the wisdom of Greek physician, Hippocrates, nature is harnessed in treatments at the expansive Aman Spa, encouraging the healing force within. This season, the Optimal Living Mindfulness Retreat, rooted in the philosopher's theology, provides a programme of mindfulness, breathwork and meditative movement classes in the resort’s bucolic and relaxing setting.  

Earth’s natural beauty 

Even in the most unexpected of places, nature’s beauty can surprise and delight. From the urban streets of Tokyo which transform each spring with cherry blossoms, to the wildlife that flocks to Jackson Hole as the snow thaws, Aman’s destinations showcase the natural world at its most inspiring.  

Of all Aman’s 34 properties, perhaps the most astounding natural beauty reveals itself in Kyoto’s Takagamine district – a 16th century artists’ haven. Today, it is the site of Aman Kyoto’s secret garden, which traces the area’s dynasty. In the spring it flourishes, providing a base for experiences that celebrate nature’s forms – from ikebana flower arranging to meditations and painting classes. 

For some however, the balm of sun, sand and sea is nature at its most appealing. On the island of Providenciales, Amanyara harnesses its beautiful coastal setting on the edge of North West Point Marine National Park. For adults, experiences include kayaking and snorkelling in the mangroves, while for little ones, regular SEEK (Science Explorers and Environmental Keepers) Camps are designed to cultivate enthusiasm and stewardship for the environment. 

Similarly, in Europe, on the untouched Aegean coastline, Amanruya offers on-the-water discovery by way of tailor-made sailing experiences. Showcasing some of the world’s most idyllic grounds for seafaring, itineraries range from full-day excursions to island-hopping, picnics in picturesque bays and sunset cruises, ideal for exploring the spectacular landscape of the Bodrum peninsula – a fabled coastline where classical history and natural beauty are found in equal measure.

"If you truly love nature you will find beauty everywhere."


- Vincent Van Gogh

Amanruya, Turkey - F&B, Restaurant, sea view

Nourishing the soul 

To experience a destination is not only to admire its beauty but to immerse the senses. In particular, the sense of taste which offers an invitation to explore the history, culture and traditions of a place through local ingredients grown, harvested and prepared using traditional methods.   

Influenced by the countryside that it inhabits known as ‘The Garden of Greece’, Amanzoe’s bostani (garden) grows a variety of fruit, vegetables and herbs. Overlooking the verdant plot, family-style breakfast can be enjoyed under the dappled shade of olive trees for a wholesome start to the day.  

Across Europe, Aman Venice’s Cook the Lagoon dinner offers a similar insight into local producers and ingredients. Created in partnership with three Michelin-starred chef Norbert Niederkofler, who has earned international recognition for his sustainable cuisine, the six and eight course fine-dining experience is created with ingredients solely sourced from Italy’s Veneto region telling the story of the city. 

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Scents of spring

Inspired by the world’s most alluring destinations, Aman’s eau de parfums are reminiscent of the landscapes for which the brand is renowned. The perfect gift for a loved one or treat for oneself, be transported this spring with a new, inspiring scent for a new season.