Experiences at Amanwana

The turquoise waters and pristine reefs of the Flores Sea are home to some of Indonesia’s best scuba diving and snorkelling spots, many within ten minutes of Amanwana. On land, the hilly tropical forests of Moyo Satonda National Park are crisscrossed by hiking trails, home to the island’s protected deer, macaques and wild boar.

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A jungle of natural wonders

Trek to the cascading limestone pools of Barry’s Falls, a spring-fed waterfall at the heart of the island, or venture through the deep jungle to the nature cave; a variety of coastal cliff or cave treks and mountain biking paths keep active guests entertained.

A calm bay for an array of water sports

Try your balance on a stand-up paddle board, catch the breeze while wind surfing or get your arms rowing on a kayak towards the horizon. Amanwana’s water sport equipment is available to guests at their leisure throughout the stay.

Cruising and charters

With so much to discover on Moyo Island itself, it should come as no surprise that there is even more exploration to be done outside of camp. For those looking for secluded beaches, untouched and paradisiacal waterfalls or a day’s adventure with unforgettable scenery, Amanwana suggests a series of excursions to keep the adventurous spirits energised.

Supreme diving and snorkeling from the camp

The Amanwana Dive Centre caters to all levels of scuba divers, with the opportunity to gain certification during a stay. The rich marine life ensures close encounters with sea turtles, moray eels, puffer fish, parrot fish, spotted rays and many more local species.

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Whale shark excursion

Located just east of Moyo Island, Saleh Bay is known as the home of the second-largest whale shark (Rhincodon typus) population on earth with at least 99 known whale sharks inhabiting its waters. Unesco also recognised the presence of whale sharks in the bay, adding the area to its Biosphere Reserve list in 2019.

Unlike other places in the world, whale sharks at Saleh Bay can be found all year round. In the presence of an experienced guide, guests have the opportunity to try and spot these wonderful creatures with a bespoke excursion to the bay. This excursion also includes a sunrise cruise, picnic breakfast and all snorkeling and diving equipment. 

Journey across the Sea with Aman

Explore the seas of the Indonesian Archipelago

Navigate new horizons on a fully staffed Aman private yacht, venturing into the Indonesian archipelago to discover its untouched natural beauty. Dive pristine reefs, witness the Komodo dragon in its natural habitat, and relax in unparalleled seclusion, privacy and comfort.