A centuries-old spiritual sanctuary, Luang Prabang is a place of serenity, beauty and escape on the peninsula between the lush banks of the Khan and Mekong Rivers

Luang Prabang Adventure Experiences

Crisscrossed daily by some 1,200 saffron-robed Buddhist monks as they make their way between the dozens of temples, Luang Prabang lives at its own speed, pervaded by an air of peace. Get the most from your Laos itinerary, whether it is a morning blessing, a tranquil stroll through the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Old Town, a mekong river cruise or even a visit to the Pak Ou caves, there is always something new to experience here. Outside the city, both protected natural sites and Laos’s rich culture offer insight and discovery


The spiritual capital of Laos and the former royal capital, Luang Prabang is suffused by Buddhist rhythms

Witness the daily Tak Bat each morning as monks and novices walk the streets at sunrise accepting alms, or create a floral offering for the temple


Amantaka guests are invited to personally participate in Luang Prabang's Buddhist cultural revival and social projects

Whether by purchasing works from the resort's Kenro Izu photography exhibition to raise funds for the Lao Friends Children's Hospital, or by joining Amantaka's guides for a unique spiritual experience, which includes a journey up the Mekong to a new school project and the monastery of Vat Pha Pa O


Absorb the magic of dusk in Luang Prabang with a private Mekong river cruise

As the sun sets over forested mountains, enjoy cocktails and canapés while witnessing the city’s evening rituals. The Aman boat is also available for morning Mekong river cruises


More than 30 temples remain in the city, highlighted by Wat Xieng Thong, a Lao masterpiece with low roofs and delicate carvings

Private temple visits can be arranged and can feature quiet contemplation or a celebratory atmosphere during a bun festival


Pilgrims have flocked to the Pak Ou Caves for centuries, placing offerings on the rocky shelves

Set north of Luang Prabang on the Mekong, near the mouth of the Ou River, the lower and upper Pak Ou caves look out to the water and lush rainforest beyond


Luang Prabang is a living repository of the region’s history, alive today and constantly aware of the centuries past

Visit the National Museum or Buddhist Archives, which contains more than 20,000 photos collected by the monks since the 1880s, or see the Pra Bang, the 83-centimetre Buddha statue that is the town’s namesake


The unspoilt Hmong Hamlet of Ban Chok offers insight into the daily lives of Laotian villages

Journey through the countryside to the village, where your private guide will introduce you to the village chief and his family

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