Wellness & Fitness at Amantaka

A place of quiet contemplation pervaded by the spiritual tranquility of the town itself, Amantaka’s spa offers guests an exceptional personalised experience. The spa menu draws on Lao healing traditions, incorporating local herbs and traditional Buddhist rituals.

Amantaka Wellness Amantaka Wellness Amantaka Wellness

Embark on a holistic journey

Our Signature Wellness Journeys are designed to meet individual needs while incorporating local wellness traditions and healing techniques. Each includes a massage and a personalised bath with local herbs. The Samun Pai incorporates herbal poultices, while the Anamai Hang Kai includes a detoxifying scrub and a mineral wrap.

Generations of wisdom

Passed down through the generations, Lao massage is a rhythmic, oil-free treatment performed over loose, comfortable clothing. A series of gentle stretches opens the body to enhance mobility, while deep pressure-point stimulation eases tension, leaving a whole body sense of relaxation and fulfillment.

Spiritual immersion

Every morning at dawn, the monks of Luang Prabang walk in silent procession through the quiet streets accepting alms from those waiting in day’s first light. Be a part of this moving ritual or celebrate dawn with a walking meditation, a yoga class, or a Baci blessing – a traditional Lao chanting ceremony to reintegrate harmony into one’s life.

Our facilities

  • Comprehensive spa with four treatment rooms, each with a dressing area, Jacuzzi and relaxation room
  • Steam room and sauna facilities with hot and cold plunge pool
  • Fully equipped gym and yoga studio overlook the central pool
  • Private fitness or yoga sessions can be arranged with a personal trainer
  • Massage and beauty treatments drawing on Lao traditions
  • Tennis courts are available a short walk away

Featured Wellness Exclusive offer

Spiritual Laos

Join monks in chanting and meditation, enjoy ancient healing rituals and experience the beauty and simplicity of the Buddhist way of life with a three-night, half-board stay.