An isolated Himalayan Kingdom comprising five Lodges and a wealth of high-altitude experiences, from mountain treks to holistic healing

Spa & Wellness Experiences – Kingdom of Bhutan

Focusing on Himalayan plant- and herb-based therapies, treatments at Amankora’s five Spas, spread across the five Lodges, offer a wholly Bhutanese experience. Interiors are scented with cedar wood – used as a Buddhist incense as well as a traditional remedy – while Bhutan massages, scrubs and baths soothe the senses


Himalayan Forest Bathing

Derived from the Japanese 'shinrin yoku', meaning 'taking in the forest atmostphere', guests are encouraged to take slow and tranquil walks through pristine wilderness, absorbing the forest's healing ambience. A considered way of understanding nature, the forest will bestow its rewards through sight, sound, smell and touch

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Prayer Flag Bathing

For centuries, prayer flags have been part of Bhutanese culture and tradition, symblising the reality and pervasiveness of their beliefs. They are mounted for happiness, longevity, luck and prosperity. Immerse yourself in the sight, sound and ambience created by hundreds of prayer flags, focusing only on listening, breathing and feeling

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Himalayan Forest Therapy

Combining both forest and prayer flag bathing, guests are guided through this experience, allowing firm focus on clearing the clutter out of the mind and tuning into the natural world. The therapy culminates in the creation of a natural Mandala, which in Buddhism symbolises the ideal universe - promoting relaxation and reduction in anxiety

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The Bhutanese oil massage is ideal for tension relief

Based on ancient Tibetan medical treatments, warm oil is placed on key points of the body to release energy blocks


Combine the minerals of a hot stone bath with the healing khempa herb

A hot stone bath can be taken in a candlelit stone hut near Amankora Gangtey, where bamboo sliding doors reveal mesmerising views of the valley, and some of Amankora’s Lodges


The holistic facial – Amankora’s signature – uses local products to repair and nourish the skin

Homemade yoghurt, Bumthang honey and oranges rebalance and clarify the complexion, and the treatment includes a pressure-point massage


Aman Skincare draws on the knowledge and wisdom of ancient wellness traditions while harnessing the power of nature

Grouped into three unique formulations - Grounding, Purifying and Nourishing - four treatments are available within each formulation: Massage, Body Polish & Wrap, Face Ritual and the Journey. Each treatment is further tailored to the need of the individual 

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A continuous journey

For stays of seven nights or more in any Lodge, or a combination of Lodges, a tailor-made itinerary will include complimentary road permits, private transport with a driver and guide, and one 60-minute Spa treatment. To book, please contact our 24-hour multilingual sales and concierge team