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A kingdom of forests and plains and valleys, dramatic inclines and 7,000-metre peaks, Bhutan is replete with opportunities for high-altitude adventure. Each of Amankora’s five Lodges promises unique wildlife encounters and breathtaking mountain vistas, with hiking and cycling trails to suite every level of ability.

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A wilderness world of natural spectacle and vivid colour

Embark on a guided trek across forest trails, cross rope bridges adorned with prayer flags, and follow winding paths clinging to vertiginous Himalayan mountainsides. Encounter yaks grazing on the plains of Gangtey, winter home of the black-necked crane, and discover old-growth rhododendron forests, alive with springtime colours. From short hikes to ancient monasteries to multi-day excursions, camping overnight, the most adventurous way to discover Bhutan is by foot.

Raft the twin rivers of Pho Chu and Mo Chu

Literally translating as ‘Male’ and Female’, the two rivers flow through rocky gorges, pristine plains and terraced fields to meet at Punakha Dzong. Amankora arranges white-water rafting excursions on both, rewarding adventurers with challenging rapids and unforgettable valleys views.

Archery has been an important part of Bhutanese life for millennia

Archery – or ‘Da’ – has been Bhutan’s official national sport for five decades, but the importance of the bow and arrow has been celebrated in the country’s myths for thousands of years. Join the ever-passionate audience at one of the frequent archery tournaments on the festival calendar, or arrange a personal class at Amankora Thimphu and learn how to master the bow.

Journey with Himalayan Horses

Known for their mild temperament and impeccable sense of balance, Yuta horses are a distinct Himalayan breed unique to Bhutan. Encounter these prized highland horses with an exploration of Gangtey's pristine corners, reliving the early days of Bhutan's wild frontiers when the hidden kingdom's rough and rugged terrain could only be accessed through these gentle creatures.

Begin your expedition from Gangtey Lodge's grounds, passing through scenic traditional farming villages, Bayta Community School and fields scattered with prayer poles gently flowing with the breeze.

Chasing the dragon on two wheels

Village-dotted valley roads, winding forest paths and rugged mountain trails provide peerless terrain for cycling adventures and bikes and biking tours are available at all Amankora lodges. Every September, cyclists from around the world gather in Bhutan for the Tour of the Dragon – an intensely challenging 268km mountain-bike race through some of the most dramatic scenery of the Himalayas.

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