Wellness & Fitness at Amangalla

  • Five atmospheric treatment rooms
  • Two serene hydrotherapy suites
  • Yoga pavilion
  • Traditional barbershop
  • Hair and nail salon
  • Inhouse Ayurveda physician
  • Personalised wellness programmes
  • 21-metre swimming pool
With its candlelit recesses, lofty ceilings and dramatic archways, Amangalla’s Spa and Baths, recaptures a bygone era of taking the waters as restoration for body and mind. The two hydrotherapy suites offer hot and cold plunge pools, steam rooms and saunas, while a range of therapies personalised by the spa’s Ayurvedic physician include massages, anointments, reflexology and scrubs.

Ancient Ayurveda

The 5,000-year-old “science of life”, Ayurveda approaches wellness in a holistic manner, aiming to prevent ill health by cleansing, detoxifying and balancing each individual’s dominant dosha. Amangalla’s Ayurvedic physician is available to tailor wellness programmes including a range of personalised Ayurvedic therapies and an Ayurvedic nutrition plan.
Amangalla, Sri Lanka - Massage

Signature treatment

Amangalla’s signature treatment is an indulgent three-hour journey including a cleansing scrub and wrap of native cinnamon and lotus, followed by a full-body massage and a sandalwood facial. Finish on the veranda sipping afternoon tea accompanied by a silver stand of dainty scones, finger sandwiches and cakes.
Amangalla, Sri Lanka - Yoga

Yoga and meditation

The Yoga Pavilion rests in the garden’s green heart, but private yoga and personal training sessions are also offered on the ramparts at sunrise. Guided meditation is offered within Amangalla’s lush 200-year-old gardens.

Aman Skincare

Used in Amangalla spa therapies, the Aman Skincare family of products and rituals is built on the knowledge and wisdom of ancient wellness traditions and the healing power of nature. Grouped into three unique formulations – Grounding, Purifying and Nourishing – the product range is available for guests to purchase online.

Special Requests 

No request is too great and no detail too small. We are also here to assist you before your trip begins