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Amangalla Experience

The ramparts of Galle Fort hold within a bustling time capsule – narrow streets lined with old houses, churches, boutiques and restaurants displaying their Dutch and British colonial heritage beneath terracotta-tiled rooftops. Simply step off Amangalla’s veranda to explore this world, or venture farther afield with an Aman guide to discover the region’s temples, beaches and blue whales on personalised journeys.

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Galle Fort Walking Tour

Best seen on foot, Galle Fort is a living museum, its history dating back to 1588. Join one of Amangalla’s knowledgeable guides and stroll its lanes, visiting the old District Judge’s house surrounded by frangipani trees, the cricket fields, temple and mosque. Finish at its iconic lighthouse on the ramparts, where locals take sunset strolls and fly kites every evening.

Geoffrey Bawa Tour

Sri Lanka’s most famous architect, Geoffrey Bawa, was among the most influential Asian architects of his generation. His ‘tropical modernism’ style can be explored in Bentota where you can visit hotels, private houses and train stations designed by this icon, and have lunch at Lunaganga, his most striking achievement. His home on an abandoned rubber estate, Lunaganga occupied him for 50 years, serving as a testbed for his emerging ideas. 

Mask Painting

Join a local artisan to learn about the history and symbolism of masks in Sri Lanka. Playing integral roles in traditional rituals, festivals and performances, each mask tells its own story, embodying a mythical creature, an ancestral spirit or a deity to symbolise protection, wisdom or spiritual connection with the divine.  Try your hand at painting a wooden mask in the local style and this unique artwork is yours to take home.

Yatagala Temple Tour

Built when King Devanampiya Tissa ruled the Kingdom of Anuradhapura, Yatagala Temple is one of the oldest in the region, set in a beautiful valley of rice paddies and tropical jungle. At the top of 120 steps, the almost 2,000-year-old rock temple offers a beautiful image room as well as ancient Bo trees and a sacred meditation cave. A Buddhist blessing can be arranged during your visit to the temple. 

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