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Amangalla Experience

The ramparts of Galle Fort hold within a bustling time capsule – narrow streets lined with old houses, churches, boutiques and restaurants displaying their Dutch and British colonial heritage beneath terracotta-tiled rooftops. Simply step off Amangalla’s veranda to explore this world, or venture farther afield with an Aman guide to discover the region’s temples, beaches and blue whales on personalised journeys.

Amangalla Experience Amangalla Experience Amangalla Experience

Explore Galle fort

Best seen on foot, Galle Fort is a living museum, its history dating back to 1588. Join one of Amangalla’s knowledgeable guides and stroll its lanes, visiting the old District Judge’s house surrounded by frangipani trees, the cricket fields, temple and mosque. Finish at its iconic lighthouse on the ramparts, where locals take sunset strolls and fly kites every evening.

Sigiriya by helicopter

Over 1,500 years old, Sigiriya is the remains of a palace atop a giant rock that reaches 200m into the sky. A Unesco World Heritage Site surrounded by beautiful gardens in central Sri Lanka, Sigiriya boasts remarkable frescoes as well as the giant stone paws, all that remains of King Kashyapa’s lion gateway. A day trip from Galle, only 1 hour and 20 mins by helicopter.

Cinnamon and tea

Discover a private cinnamon estate near tranquil Koggala Lake. After a private tour of the tea plantation, learn how this special spice is cultivated and its health benefits. Then enjoy a afternoon tea in a private picnic spot set within lush green rice fields. Tea tasting and tours in a private Handunugoda plantation can also be arranged.

Temple blessing by candlelight

Explore the secrets of 2300 year old Yatagala, Rhummasala and Nawamunisaya Temples with an Amangalla guide, all situated within a 30-minute drive of the hotel. Yatagala is perhaps the most fascinating, with its rock temple, giant Bo tree and Buddhist statues. Climb its steps at dusk and experience a candlelit blessing by a resident monk in its sacred meditation cave.

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