Exclusive Offers at Amandayan

Amandayan, China- Landscape, Mountains, View

Until 31 December 2024

Undiscovered Lijiang

Explore the historic lanes, canals and arching bridges of Lijiang’s Old Town, discovering Nakhi architecture and handicrafts with Jade Dragon Snow Mountain eternally on the horizon. You will discover this ancient Unesco Site’s best-kept secrets as well as the founding Mu family’s mansion. Also included in your two-night stay is daily breakfast, with serene mountain views.

Discover Lijiang

Until 31 December 2024

Set atop Lion Hill with views over Lijiang’s Old Town and the mountains all round, Amandayan is the perfect base for exploring Yunnan’s rich heritage and spectacular scenery. Stay three nights and enjoy a private guided excursion to the ancient towns of Baisha and Yuhu, then return to Amandayan for a Black Clay Hot Pot meal for two. Daily breakfast and return airport transfers are also included. 

Gateway to Shangri-La

Until 31 October 2024

Called the ‘Land of Eternal Spring’ due to its mild climate, Lijiang is renowned as one of the most beautiful places in China, often favourably compared to the Shangri-La of Himalayan lore. This four-night stay includes a full-day, privately guided tour of the real Shangri-La, taking in Tiger Leaping Gorge and other legendary sites on the way. A Heated Bamboo Massage and steaming Nakhi hot pot meal await back at Amandayan. 

Explore Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Until 31 December 2024

One of the world’s most stunning rock massifs, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain towers over Amandayan like a benign sentinel, and is the immovable star of Zhang Yimou’s outdoor show – Impression Lijiang. With VIP tickets in hand, ride the cable car up 4,506 metres to snow-tipped peaks, then explore its valleys with a personal guide. A warming hot pot meal and heated bamboo massage await back at Amandayan.