Aman Tokyo and your wellbeing

True to the spirit of Aman, the safety and wellbeing of our communities have always been a priority. As Aman Tokyo is now open and welcoming valued guests, we are sensitive in doing sofollowing the various compliance and government mandates, and keeping the expectations and comfort of guests and staff at the forefront of everything we do in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. This series of protocols and plans will continuously evolve and be updated as the situation changes. We hope that the following instils comfort and confidence that you and the on-property team's wellbeing is our primary focus.The below details some changes and procedures that guests can expect during their stay:

Guest Arrival

  • Drivers and valet staff will wear masks and gloves provided by hotel. The driver will refresh the air by opening the windows while driving and disinfect the steering wheel and key.
  • We offer guest wellness checks on arrival including temperature checks using non-contact thermometers.
  • On arrival, we will disinfect the external part of guests’ luggage, should they agree.
  • A welcome drink will be arranged in the room with other welcome amenities.
  • Hotel staff will escort guests to the room upon request.
  • All room keys and pens are disinfected per use.
  • We will offer express check-out to minimize the contact upon check out.
  • We will limit the number of guests per elevator.


Housekeeping (Public Areas)

  • Disinfection gel or disinfection sprays will be placed in a variety of areas in the building.
  • The thorough cleaning of public areas will have a specific focus on disinfecting door handles, elevator buttons and all other high use areas. ​


Housekeeping (Guestrooms)

  • All guest rooms will be sanitized daily with a focus on specific touchpoints within the full room perimeter. Cleaning equipment (sponges, cloths, and similar) is to be changed with every room.
  • A door will be opened to ventilate the air during room cleaning.
  • Through cleaning and disinfection of areas where customers often touch, such as door handlea, remote control, lightswitches, water faucet, toilet flush panels, telephone, the armrest of chairs, hairdryer and other utilized equipment.
  • On arrival, guests are advised that they can opt to have room linen changed, daily, once every two days or only on request. The same applies to the turn down service, with guests opting to have turn down service, or not. We fully understand that some guests may want less interaction and activity within their room.
  • We will no longer offer printed Room Directory in the room and instead offer QR code menus. (You may access it through your smartphone or other appropriate devices)


Food & Beverage and Dining

  • We offer options for different, more private, dining experiences, with menus focusing on wellness options and local produce. Immune booster beverages have been incorporated into non-alcoholic beverage lists
  • Instead of printed menus we will offer QR code menus. If guests prefer, a one-use (recycled) paper menu is available
  • The thorough cleaning and sanitizing of all tableware, placemats, salt and pepper shakers take place after each use.
  • We will limit the number of tables available and space them accordingly.
  • We will control the number and time of reservations to avoid crowd.
  • Staff are trained to have minimal contact and communication during service and wear masks when serving guests
  • In-room dining is served with all food and drinks covered, and staff wear proper personal protective equipment, i.e., mask and gloves, upon delivery. Guests can opt to have staff enter the room to set up or leave ordered items at the door.


Spa & Wellness

  • Treatment rooms and public fitness equipment are cleaned and sterilized after every use. As per usual Aman brand standards, we have a minimum of 30-minute turnaround time between treatments to ensure proper cleaning and sanitization of treatment rooms.
  • Hand sanitizer is provided throughout the spa. Disposable face masks and surgical gloves are available upon request.
  • We will be limiting the number of guests at any one time in each facility. (gym: 5 people, swimming pool: 8 people, bath and changing room: 5 people each at male and female)
  • We will kindly ask all guests to check their body temperature with a contact thermometer during the spa consultation.
  • We will also ask guests to ensure that they take a shower before their treatment.
  • We offer QR code menus for spa information and retail price lists. (You may access it through your smartphone or other appropriate devices)


*All employees have had thorough training on COVID-19 safety and sanitization protocols.