Aman Yachts

Embark on water exploration with Aman. Aman’s flagship yacht, Amandira invites exploration in the remote islands of Indonesia’s Flores Sea, while Aman at Sea - Aman's 50-suite luxury motor yacht - will set sail across the world’s oceans in 2027. 

Introducing Aman's Private Yacht

Explore Indonesia

Aman’s flagship yacht, Amandira is a custom-built, two-masted Phinisi sailing and diving vessel with five spacious cabins and a crew of 14. 

Travel both under sail and by motor, it explores the remote islands of Indonesia’s Flores Sea, including the Unesco-protected Komodo National Park, and the magnificent coral reefs and unparalleled marine life of Raja Ampat. An experienced dive master is available to lead undersea expeditions, and a private chef, waiter, massage therapist.

Expeditions by Sea

Navigate new horizons on a fully-staffed, hand-crafted phinisi. Sail the high seas, dive pristine reefs and discover landscapes few are ever privy to on our yacht expeditions.

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Opening 2027

Set sail with Aman at Sea

For over three decades Aman has been honing its offering to create tranquil sanctuaries far removed from daily life. With several otherworldly destinations in the pipeline, Aman will now continue to diversify its offering not only on land but also at sea with the creation of a 50-suite luxury motor yacht.

Defining a whole new category in on the water exploration, Aman at Sea has been designed by SINOT Yacht Architecture & Design and will bring the revered spirit of Aman to the world’s oceans in 2027.