The spirit of summer

The spirit of summer

Photography by Ronan Gallagher
Words by Luke Abrahams

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Nothing quite beats the hypnotic hum of summer. Snapshots of golden hours. Long green walks and the warm summer sun. The salt of the ocean. The sand of Mother Earth lifting the spirit. Every year, like clockwork, we all fall for summer’s quixotic spell, relishing in every chapter of its unfolding romance.  

Aman’s coastal retreats are rooted in the shadows of the solstice. Minimalist architecture reigns supreme interplaying shadow and light; nourishing cuisine reveals a natural glow; and holistic wellness restores the body’s equilibrium. This year, as the summer takes hold, we celebrate the enduring allure of our coastal hideaways and the way they encapsulate the season. 

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The ethereal pull of the coast

Nowhere sums up coastal living more so than an island retreat. Hidden from the world by great reefs and breezy palms, ocean living, to this day, remains the ultimate time capsule of romance, a sonnet to nature and its great wilderness. The veritable vision of summer relaxation becomes a reality in the Caribbean.

At Amanyara, life is totally removed from the rest of the world. Under all its 18,000-acres of kaleidoscopic vegetation, azure seas sparkle; tropical vistas marvel and infinity pools dazzle overlooking pristine sands. Across the water in the Dominican Republic, the quest for peace is even more effortless in the remote setting of Amanera where Casitas hover high above the Playa Grande, backed by rolling rainforests and providing the perfect antidote to the fast lane.  

Women by the pool overlooking the sea at golden hour

"Where the sun glows bright, so do the people. Life by the coast is the epitome of the great reset."

From the Crusoe-esque seas of the Caribbean, the healing wonders of Amanzoe borrow ancient callings from the wisdom of the gods. Here, on the Peloponnese peninsula, wellness takes centre stage at the Aman Spa, where inner peace is encouraged through its bucolic setting, where programmes harmonise mindfulness and restorative treatments preach the benefits of stripping back.  

Then there’s off grid Amanoi, Aman’s magnificent and serene retreat in Vietnam. Perched on a remote cliff along the jagged coastline of Nui Chua National Park, the resort offers some of the world’s most spectacular grounds for a mind detox. Steam off in the private Hammam of a restorative Wellness Villa, set out to discover the ancient culture of the Cham people, or snorkel the clear waters that surround in search of coral reefs. Here, the opportunity to press pause has never been greater.  

People gathered for a summer sunset at Amanyara
Aman Summer, Amanyara

On the turquoise Turkish coast, tucked between the trees of an ancient pine forest, Amanruya plays host to nights of reconnection under the luminous halo of the Bodrum sun. Its Turkish Wine Pairing Series and Seven Region Dining Experiences highlight the best of the region, exploring the boutique vineyards and traditional flavours of this rich Anatolian haven. Meanwhile, in the Philippines, opportunities to come together are plentiful at Amanpulo. Set on the hypnotic private island of Palawan, the resort celebrates the passion of summer on the beach with private dining at dusk accompanied by blazing bonfires and breathtaking, starry twilight nights. 

Couple walking by the coast at Amanyara
Fluid slip dress by Aman Essentials: available in select boutiques
Outdoor seating and dining at Amanyara, Turks & Caicos

"The beauty of summer lies in the unknown - from the entrancing shores of Turkey which provide the perfect backdrop for a long summer romance to the impossibly white sands and remote beaches of Asia."

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