Seven Region Dining Experience

Amanruya, Turkey - Dinner

Join us on a culinary journey at Amanruya with seven, exclusive tasting menus created by Executive Chef Ömer Çam, each highlighting the very best of a unique region. 

We will explore the seven distinct regions of Turkey over the course of seven weeks, taking place in Amanruya's Anatolian Dining Pavilion every Thursday evening starting from 6 July and ending on 17 August. Our limited seating ensures an intimate and personalised dining experience with reservations required. 

Amanruya, Turkey - Resort, Olive Grove Amanruya, Turkey – F&B, Dinner Series

Turkey's seven distinct culinary regions

6 July - 17 August 2023

Under Executive Chef Ömer Çam, the carefully curated menus feature authentic ingredients and traditional flavours from each region. 

Izmir, a vibrant, multicultural city, stands as the culinary capital of the Aegean region. Influenced by migration and trade, the city has embraced the heritage of Cretan Turks, bringing forth a fusion of cultures and flavours. Fresh ingredients take centre stage, with plant-based and olive oil-infused dishes in the spotlight. Wild herbs and greens are transformed, wrapped in flaky phyllo pastry with cheese, while Izmir's coastal location also sees seafood mezes on the menu. The seasonal delights of artichokes, fried courgette blossoms, and local fig varieties further enhance the culinary tapestry of the region.

Home to a multitude of towns and cities, this diverse area stretching from Zonguldak to Rize, boasts a rich culinary heritage shaped by its geography and climate. A bounty of crops, including wheat, siyez, barley, corn, rice, alongside poultry - particularly turkeys and geese - hold significance in certain cities, while vegetables, fruits, herbs, and mushrooms thrive thanks to the region's unique environment. Experience the timeless cooking traditions of the Black Sea, where meat is poached in butter and cooked slowly over a low fire, a practice that has endured for centuries. The cuisine of the Black Sea region also features a variety of dairy products, including cheese and yogurt.

Discover the culinary traditions of central Anatolia in the heart of Turkey, known for its religious festivals, traditions, and family customs. Famous for energy-boosting wheat-based dishes due to its harsh and cold climate, food holds a central role in the celebrations and commemorations of the local people. The city of Sivas is particularly renowned for its wide variety of soups, while other specialties, include stews, dumlings (especially from Kayseri) and gözleme, a savoury stuffed flatbread.

The Eastern Anatolia region’s harsh climate and rugged terrain have strong influence on its cuisine, which is characterised by hearty dishes that combine a variety of local ingredients. Deeply rooted in the region's history, with influences from the neighbouring countries of Iran, Armenia, and Georgia, traditional cooking methods such as slow-cooking and clay pot cooking are still used today. Preserving authenticity, Eastern Anatolia cuisine is diverse and rich in flavour. 

Experience the distinct cuisine and rich food culture of Turkey's southern coast, extending from Marmaris to Antalya and reaching Hatay. With a strong emphasis on olive oil, the cuisine features a delightful combination of seafood, greens, vegetables, and cheese. While picturesque villages along the coast and mountainous regions such as Babadağ, Tahtali, Davraz, Toroz, and Medetsiz still demonstrate rural cooking techniques, the renowned cuisine of Hatay is known for its vibrant, aromatic spices. 

Anchored by Istanbul, a vibrant cultural hub, and encompassing cities like Bursa and Edirne, Marmara showcases a fusion of influences from Europe, Asia, and the Ottoman Empire. The cuisine of Marmara boasts a rich diversity of dishes, combining elements from both land and sea. From the iconic Turkish breakfast spread featuring an array of cheeses, olives, and pastries, to succulent kebabs and hearty stews, the region offers a culinary journey that satisfies every palate. Seafood enthusiasts can indulge in the freshest catches, while those with a sweet tooth can savour the delights of Turkish delight, baklava, and other delectable desserts. 

Located at the crossroads of ancient trade routes, this region has been influenced by various civilizations throughout history, resulting in a blend of flavours and ingredients that are both familiar and exotic. The local cuisine is characterised by its use of spices, herbs, and vegetables, as well as grilled meats and stews. The abundance of fresh produce and the fertile lands in the area have also contributed to the development of a cuisine that features a variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes.