A culture of welcome

A culture of welcome

With Japan's borders now open to international travel, discover a country of sublime natural beauty, where hospitality and dining are elevated to art forms.

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Aman’s ethos has always been to care for the environments it inhabits, sensitively integrating into the surrounding landscape, respecting local culture and celebrating ancient tradition. No place is this better demonstrated than at its three properties in Japan, Aman Tokyo, Aman Kyoto and Amanemu, where the country's natural beauty, unique energy and exceptional approach to hospitality can be experienced wholeheartedly. After two years of border restrictions, the eastern sun is rising once more on visitors to this remarkable country, marking a jubilant moment both for travellers and for Aman.

Of all the nations of the world, there are few countries in which the art of welcoming guests is so deeply woven into the fabric of local culture. In Japan, hospitality – or omotenashi – is as much as an art form as the musicianship of the geisha or the way of the samurai. It is a system of generosity rooted in ritual and performed with focus and flair. With Aman’s trio of Japanese retreats open again to international guests, travellers are now invited to discover the world’s most generous of welcomes once more.

Gardens of splendour

Aman Kyoto Secret Garden Aman Kyoto, Japan - Experience, Ink Painting at Temple

Japan’s artists and aesthetes have long recognised that the beauty of nature lies in its transience – there would be little wonder to be found in cherry blossom if it lasted all year. Each of Aman’s three resorts pulses with the rhythm of the seasons, celebrating the changing colours and forms of the natural landscape and offering an intimate welcoming space, a reflection of the omotenashi hospitality culture of Japan.

Japan is a country of extraordinary natural beauty, even in the heart of the city. From its perch high above the streets, Aman Tokyo looks down at the Otemachi Forest, a patchwork of serene greenery in the midst of the metropolis. In the sacred coastal forests of Ise-Shima, Amanemu presides over the sublime glass-like serenity of Ago Bay. Aman Kyoto promises a ryokan’s welcome in the midst of a moss-carpeted garden landscape of cedar, cypress, camellia and Japanese maple that transforms with the seasons and which has inspired painters and poets for centuries.

The art of gastronomy

Few destinations treat dining with the same reverence and creativity as Japan, where culinary experiences such as tea ceremonies and omakase-style dining are part of the country’s culture. At Aman Kyoto, revered restaurant Taka-an pays homage to the local artist and polymath Honami Koetsu, whose desire to capture the beauty of nature inspired the Rinpa school of painting here in the 17th century. Here, dining unfolds with a sense of ceremony, chefs combining flavours as a painter might mix pigments. At Aman Tokyo, master chef Musashi is another culinary artist, presenting a daily omakase menu of sushi and sashimi, a creative showcase for the finest and freshest market produce – as well as his own lovingly grown and hand-harvested sushi rice. 
Aman Tokyo, Japan - La Patisserie

Meanwhile, at La Pâtisserie by Aman Tokyo, pastry chef extraordinaire Yoshihisa Miyagawa elevates French-inspired desserts to a new level of inventiveness, with exquisite delicacies crafted to celebrate the flavours of the season.

La Pâtisserie is celebrating its first anniversary this month with a limited-edition selection of five miniature cakes, housed in an elegant box – the perfect gift for a loved one or indulgent treat for oneself. Designed to offer a taste of all La Pâtisserie’s favourite creations, the box includes a crisp mille-feuille with raspberries, a bitter-sweet caramel choux, a gâteau au chocolat, a spiced cheesecake and a custard cream stuffed Puits d'Amour all in bite-sized form.

Rituals of wellness

Aman Kyoto, Japan - Outdoor Onsen Amanemu Wellness

The healing power of water is one of the foundations of the Japanese spa tradition, and an important component of the wellness offering at all three of Aman’s resorts. From Buddhist monks seeking spiritual and physical cleansing to samurai warriors looking to recover after battle, the Japanese have turned to onsen bathing as a means to restore balance to body and mind – as well as treating conditions such as rheumatism and hypertension.

Beside the pearl-diver’s paradise of Ago Bay, Amanemu promises restorative retreats enriched by the region’s hot mineral springs, with private onsens available in every Suite and Villa. Aman Kyoto also benefits from the proximity of ancient underground springs, incorporating onsen treatments into holistic healing journeys at the Aman Spa. At Aman Tokyo, the traditional Shinto purification ritual, Misogi, prepares the self for change through a succession of water-based experiences, including steam rooms, Japanese showers and hot baths.   

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The ultimate Japan journey

Aman’s three retreats – Aman Tokyo, Aman Kyoto and Amanemu – may each celebrate different facets of the Japan experience, but they are united by the natural beauty of their island settings, and their dedication to delivering unparalleled and distinctly Japanese hospitality to their guests.

Combine a stay at all three resorts in a single, transformative journey through Japan, with exclusive experiences and privileges throughout.


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