A contemporary beach retreat on the south coast of Sri Lanka, Amanwella encompasses a peaceful crescent of coastline where nature, wellness and the surrounding community are intimately intertwined


Amanwella Spa & Wellness Experiences

Available as in-room treatments

The melody of the waves and the gentle breath of the coconut palms soothes all who come to Amanwella. The all natural products are made with ingredients from Sri Lanka’s cornucopia of herbs, plants and flowers


Abhyanga massage is one of Amanwella’s specialities

Enjoy a traditional warm-oil Ayurvedic treatment that eliminates impurities from the body


Spa treatments are organised in the privacy of your suite

A gentle head massage begins the therapy, which uses long strokes to work deep within and an herbal inhalation to cleanse

Special Requests

No request is too great and no detail too small. We are also here to assist you before your trip begins