Wellness & Fitness at Amanwella

The melody of the waves and the gentle breath of the coconut palms soothe all who come to Amanwella. Treatments incorporate ingredients from Sri Lanka’s cornucopia of herbs, plants and flowers, and experienced therapists draw on Ayurvedic traditions to ensure that every massage, facial, body polish and wrap is tailored to individual needs.

Amanwella Amanwella Amanwella

Signature Ayurveda

Enjoy a traditional warm-oil Ayurvedic treatment such as the signature Abhyanga massage that helps to eliminate impurities from the body while rejuvenating body and mind. India’s 5,000-year-old system of preventive medicine, Ayurveda combines the Sanskrit word Ayur for ‘life’ with veda meaning 'science’ and encourages balance in all things.

In-suite relaxation

Spa treatments take place in the privacy of your own guest suite with massage beds set up in the pool courtyard or air-conditioned indoors – whichever you prefer. With herbal inhalation to relax and prepare you for the treatment ahead.

Unwind on the beach

Experience a foot massage on the beach while sipping champagne, with just the waves and rustling palm fronds for company. Amanwella’s beach is extensive enough to ensure total privacy, at one with nature.

Private yoga and personal training

Wake with the sun and join your personal yoga instructor on the beach or in a private glade. Personal training sessions can also be arranged and are tailored to suit individual needs, goals and fitness levels and promise that rejuvenating endorphin rush brought on by exercising in nature.

Guided meditation

Resting on the rocks above the sea, on your private terrace or in a palm-shaded glade, meditate with a local monk who will guide you through this beneficial practice. Guided meditation sessions can also be arranged at nearby temples or the local Buddhist Centre.

Our facilities

  • Extensive menu of massages and facials, as well as manicures and pedicures
  • Treatments available in-suite and on the beach
  • Open-air yoga platform on the beach
  • Private yoga and personal training sessions in the coconut grove
  • Meditation with a monk at Amanwella, a local temple or the Buddhist Centre
  • 47-metre swimming pool with serene sea views