Angkor Archaeological Park Tours

Nestled at the threshold of Angkor Wat, Amansara offers a variety of temple tours and customised excursions as part of our tailored guest experience. Several tours utilise Amansara’s own fleet of remorks (moped-powered trishaws), each with its own Amansara driver and English-speaking guide.

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Angkor Wat, the Great Wonder

Capturing the atmosphere of the temple as the sun rises is our preferred way to present this magnificent monument.

A 4:30am wake up call and prompt 5am departure from Amansara will allow you to arrive by remork with the first morning light as we head for the East Causeway. Your guide will escort you through the entrance gate along a forested path and then into Angkor Wat to the first level and up to the second level of the temple, providing time for personal exploration. All being well, you should witness dawn with very few others.

Ta Prohm

Ta Prohm, its hewn stones entwined with the silk-cotton and strangler fig tree roots of the encroaching jungle, is one of the most popular and photogenic temples in the archaeological park. Once home to 615 apsara dancers according to this temple’s precise records carved onto a stele, Ta Prohm provides you the rare opportunity to witness man versus nature in action, against the glowing rays of the sun.

Trek the Angkor jungle

Set out on a guided hike among the trees, vines and rare flora of the ancient forests surrounding the temples, every bit as fascinating as the ruins they concealed and preserved for thousands of years. Amansara’s guide is an expert in regional wildlife, medicinal herbs and forest fruits, and leads guests through the network of hidden trails to reveal another side of the Angkor story.

Conservation D’Angkor

Conservation D’Angkor is a warehouse of treasures located just a kilometre from the stone temples of Angkor Wat and a short remork ride from Amansara. The Conservation houses more than 6,000 pieces of Khmer art. Despite the thousands of travellers who visit Angkor every year, few visitors are allowed past the security guards at the Conservation.

If you would like to visit this treasure house, we are able to arrange private access for Amansara guests. You will enter the padlocked storerooms to find yourself surrounded by stone carved heads of demons and gods, carved stone Buddhas, immense Shiva linga and hundreds of fragile wooden statues. These rare pieces survived for centuries in the jungle. To stand among them is something very special for our guests.

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