Adventure Experiences at Amansara

Amansara lies at the threshold of Angkor – the vast, Unesco-protected ruins of the once-mighty Khmer empire – giving guests privileged access to the spiritual and historic riches of world’s largest temple complex. Explore the site on foot, by bicycle or custom-fitted remork; take a cruise among the time-frozen floating villages of Tonlé Sap lake, and discover the rich Buddhist culture of Siem Reap – directly from the monks who shape it.


Cultural events and encounters with history

Immersed in both the ancient heritage of Angkor and the contemporary culture of Siem Reap, Amansara enjoys frequent visits from both leading international thinkers and local performers. Throughout the year, guests might enjoy lectures from visiting academics from some of the world’s most respected institutions, spectacularly choreographed circus shows or evening devoted to traditional Cambodian dance.

The floating homes of Tonlé Sap

Connected to the Mekong river system, the vast freshwater lake of Tonlé Sap is lined along the shore by villages of stilted wooden houses. Two Amanbara lake boats cruise the waters, introducing Aman guests to one of Cambodia’s most rich and valuable ecosystems, and a way of life that has remained unchanged for centuries.

Siem Reap by Jeep

Set out into the countryside around Siem Reap and discover the everyday rhythms of the neighbouring villages by vintage Jeep. Follow dirt roads through the jungle and spot local villagers tending the rice fields, fishing in roadside canals or engaged in the daily ritual of collecting sap from the sugar palms. Admire artisans deftly weaving leaves into baskets, spot children cycling to school, and families preparing noodles for lunch on a whistle-stop tour of Cambodia’s rural heart.
Monk offers traditional blessing to guest

Receive a water blessing to cleanse your spirit at Wat Athvea, on the outskirts of Siem Reap

Visit Wat Athvea, a 12th-century temple on the outskirts of Siem Reap for a personal encounter with Cambodia’s Buddhist traditions. In a 15-minute private ceremony, one of the monastery’s monks administers a water blessing – pouring flower-infused water and chanting to purify the spirit. The ideal way to end a stay at Amansara with a lasting sense of peace.
South gate of angkor

Trek the Angkor jungle

Set out on a guided hike among the trees, vines and rare flora of the ancient forests surrounding the temples, every bit as fascinating as the ruins they concealed and preserved for thousands of years. Amansara’s guide is an expert in regional wildlife, medicinal herbs and forest fruits, and leads guests through the network of hidden trails to reveal another side of the Angkor story.

Enter another millennium

From the intricate bas reliefs and expressively carved apsaras to the architectural marvel of Angkor Wat itself, Angkor Archaeological Park stands testament to the exceptional sophistication of the bygone Khmer Empire. Just 10 minutes from the jungle-ensconced ruins, Amansara guests enjoy private access to the site, allowing them to experience the meditative stillness of the once-sacred site, undisturbed by other visitors.

Special requests

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