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The call of adventure

A new decade dawns, promising new adventures, unexpected discoveries and perspective-changing encounters. Enter 2020 with a transformative experience on the calendar – whether an ocean voyage to a hidden archipelago; a spiritual journey through the ancient heart of Indochina; or a back-to-nature excursion into the big-sky wilderness of the Utah desert. On air, sea or land, Aman opens doorways into the world’s most extraordinary places, and extends an exclusive invitation to step through…
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Our Central Reservations team is also available via phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

Tel: (65) 6715 8855 (Singapore)

Tel: (1) 754 216 7830 (USA)


Birds eye view of a beach club at Aman

Take to the skies

A jet itinerary is the perfect way to discover the beauty and diversity of multiple Aman resorts in a single, seamless trip. Choose from Aman’s calendar of curated itineraries: a spiritually enriching Indochina tour in September; a mindful adventure in China, Bhutan, India and Sri Lanka in October; or a culture-rich trip from old-town Kyoto to the rugged Peloponnese coast in spring 2021.

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From towering skyscrapers to glimmering seas

Aman’s jet journeys weave together one-of-a-kind experiences in the most astonishing corners of the world, travelling from vibrant metropolises to unspoilt island idylls and beautiful mountain retreats. In March 2020, a small group of travellers will embark on a 22-night journey east-to-west across the Aman world. From the skyscrapers of Tokyo to the opulence of Venice, via the beaches of Thailand, the mountains of Bhutan, and the Mediterranean coasts of Greece and Montenegro, the journey spans Aman destinations in nine countries.

Discover The Grandest Tour


Amandira foredeck dining area

In the lap of the ocean

Explore the pristine marine environment aboard Amandira or Amanikan – Aman’s two bespoke live-aboard yachts through a series of exhilarating and uniquely tailored ocean voyages. Both fully staffed with spacious, luxury cabins, adventure awaits beyond the horizon. Dine on deck in the open air, take diving or snorkelling expeditions with expert guidance through exquisite coral reefs, where turtles thrive in the crystal clear waters and explore secluded islands, where few have been before.

Voyage to the Four Kings

In the northeastern reaches of the Indonesian archipelago, where the Pacific and Indian Oceans collide, a form of natural alchemy occurs, creating a region of astonishing biodiversity and a mesmerising undersea landscape. Rising from the surface of the sea, the Four Kings are the principal islands of Raja Ampat, an equator-straddling cluster of thousands of islets and cays where nature thrives, untouched and resplendent.

Discover the Raja Ampat Expedition


Camp Sarika accommodation at Amangiri

An otherworldly wonderland

Turn off the beaten track to find peace in a world beyond the familiar. In the rugged heart of the Utah desert, a short distance from Amangiri, serenity reigns in Camp Sarika, a secluded nature retreat in one of the world’s most extraordinary landscapes. Set amid dramatic mesas and rock towers, the camp encompasses just 10 tented pavilions, a lounge, restaurant, pool and spa area. By day, the slot canyons, via ferrata and trails of the Old West await to be explored. At night, the bonfire flares into life and the vast sky is flooded with stars.

Discover Camp Sarika

Travels among temples

One, home to the sublime ruins of Angkor, the other a global centre of Buddhism, Siem Reap and Luang Prabang are among the most spiritually resonant places in the world. Aman’s Indochina itinerary creates a bridge between the two, allowing travellers to explore the sacred sites of both destinations and enjoy privileged encounters with resident monks for blessings and meditation. The six-night journey between Amantaka and Amansara is designed for those seeking a greater understanding of Buddhist philosophy, an insight into history and a pathway to peace in their everyday lives.

Discover the Sacred Indochina Journey
Traditional Chinese architecture at Black Dragon Lake, Lijiang

Memories of China

Between them, Amandayan and Amanfayun offer access to many of the most influential stories of ancient China. In Hangzhou, by the Unesco-preserved expanse of West Lake, Amanfayun leads travellers back in time to explore magnificent Buddhist temples and cultural sites. In Old Town Lijiang, gateway to the ancient Tea Horse Road into Tibet, Amandayan’s guests can discover the flourishing wildlife of Lashi Lake or gain insights into historic Nakhi culture. Aman combines both destinations in a special six-night itinerary, including temple visits and culinary experiences.

Discover the Village & Ancient Town Journey 
Boxes at Teatro La Fenice

Songs of La Serenissima

Since its foundation in 1792, the Teatro La Fenice in Venice has been the pre-eminent venue in the opera world. It’s the house of Verdi and Rossini, of Prokofiev and Britten. Those fortunate enough to secure a seat for a performance often speak of the experience as being unlike that at any other opera house. Aman Venice introduces the Aman Venice Opera Series, giving guests the exclusive opportunity to watch this season’s performances from Aman's private box, beginning with Bizet’s Carmen in March and April. The experience includes dinner at Aman Venice – from a new menu shaped by three Michelin-starred chef Norbert Niederkolfer.

Discover Aman Venice Opera Series

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Our Central Reservations team is also available via phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

Tel: (65) 6715 8855 (Singapore)

Tel: (1) 754 216 7830 (USA)