Sustainability at Aman New York

Energy-efficient operations, a multicultural team and circular low-carbon kitchen practices

In the midst of a vibrant urban landscape, Aman New York has prioritised provenance since its opening in 2022. Dedicated to fostering an ethical supply chain and embracing sustainable sourcing practices, the hotel has spearheaded distinctive initiatives, contributing to a diminished carbon footprint but also elevating the guest experience.

Considered & Conscious

Landmark energy efficiency 

The built environment is responsible for a huge percentage of global emissions, which makes the NYC Local Law 95, also known as the Energy Grades Law, poignant. Achieving an A-grade in the Building Energy Efficiency audit is a rare achievement for a century-old building.  

As part of the city’s strategy to reduce overall emissions and improve energy efficiency in all its buildings, exhaustive checks are required from owners of large buildings to measure their energy and water consumption — and in this way, The Crown Building has achieved the highest score. In New York City, the heating and cooling of buildings totals over 80 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions, and the sensitive painstaking restoration of the building, which extends to advanced glazing and insulation, and the use of LED bulbs throughout, has resulted in maximum efficacy around energy use. 

A multicultural microcosm 

In a city celebrated for its international spirit, 60 countries are represented within Aman New York’s workforce alone. Inclusive and accessible to candidates from all backgrounds, Aman works with the Management in Training Program, for opportunities to provide knowledge and skills for team members to become successful managers. Participants learn to lead teams, make decisions, and manage resources effectively, with progress tracked and improved along the way.  

A breath of fresh air

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning regulations in the city strive for highest levels of indoor air quality. Thanks to the A13 carbon filters at Aman New York, the air is not recirculated but filtered efficiently: and regular checks and cleans optimise this process. Significantly reducing single-use plastic and goods throughout operations extends to seeking use of forward-thinking vacuum cleaners such as Sanitaire’s bagless QuietClean range, with an eye on the horizon to allow further transitioning to more sustainable housekeeping solutions.  

Gastronomic Prowess

Pride in provenance

The chefs at Aman New York celebrate small and local suppliers, particularly those with ethical and eco practices, creating a calendar of dishes aligned with what comes from the land at what time.

From New York state, Snowdance Farms in Livingston Manner is renowned for its chickens, which hail from rotating pastures. Norwich Meadows Farm is certified organic, with an ethos that extends to educating the wider world about the dangers of industrial farming. Milk is sourced from Battenkill Valley Creamery in Salem, while burrata and ricotta are from family-run Lioni Latticini Mozzarella Company, which brought its over 100-year old fine art of cheese-making from Lioni, Italy to Brooklyn, NY in 1980.

Low-carbon cuisine

Recognising that food systems are one of the most significant influences when it comes to carbon emissions, those mindful of lower-impact lifestyles and diets will appreciate the rich array of vegetarian and vegan dishes at Aman New York. More than half of the lunch and dinner options at Arva, are plant-based. A circular way of thinking in the kitchen extends to all compostable organic waste being sent off-site to be converted into soil-enriching fertiliser. There is no imported bottled water offered as standard, with Aman New York preferring to serve brands from within US borders to allow for a shorter supply chain.