The wisdom of water

The wisdom of water

Water comprises two-thirds of the planet, and as much as three quarters of the human body. Proximity to water inspires and calms us, teaches us respect for nature and appreciation for the sublime. It is the dawn mist that shrouds the wats of Laos during temple prayers. It is the elemental force that, over millennia, carved the mesas of the American West. It is the sea that bears the intrepid to discover remote islands and the hidden wonders of nature. And it is the material which sustains an entire world below the waves.

Amandira, Indonesia

Private sailing expeditions

Design your own adventure in one of the most startlingly beautiful ocean landscapes – the Indonesia archipelago – on a private voyage. 

Amandira is a custom-built, two-masted yacht with five spacious cabins and a dedicated crew of 14 – including a a private chef and a PADI-certified dive master who can offer accredited instruction to new divers.

Uncharted routes, unseen destinations

This year, alongside eye-opening voyages on the Flores Sea to the Unesco-protected Komodo National Park and the astonishing reefs and islands of Raja Ampat, Amandira sets sail to two new destinations. The spectacular volcanic Alor Archipelago, at the easternmost tip of the Lesser Sunda Islands, is a haven of biodiversity, with opportunities for spectacular diving excursions, breathtaking island hikes, and picnic breakfasts on hidden sandbanks.

In the Kaimana Regency, of West Papua Province, Triton Bay is an unspoilt coral wonderland, home to an extraordinary array of rare sea life, including pygmy seahorses, as-yet unnamed species of cuttlefish and squid, and the world’s largest fish – the whale shark. A true diver’s paradise.

Amanpulo, The Philippines

Snorkeler with a sea turtle at Amanpulo, Palawan Island Amanpulo sunset ovr the ocean

Palawan Island pontoons and private cruises

Far away on the private island of Pamalican, life at Amanpulo is peaceful, easygoing, and shaped by the sea. The resort’s extensive fleet of sailing and motor boats provides vessels for a variety of activities and adventures – including private charters exploring the vivid turquoise waters of the sea. Cruise around the calm Palawan waters, pause to snorkel at an offshore reef, enjoy an expert-guided fishing experience, or equipoise into the blue in a yoga session on board a boat, adrift in the cooling breeze.

As the day approaches its close, take one of Amanpulo’s pontoon boats and set out to sea to soak up the fiery light show of the sunset sky. Sip champagne and cocktails as the stars come out, serenaded with the gentle strains of an acoustic guitar.

Amantaka, Laos

The majesty of the Mekong

Starting its journey high in the Tibetan Plateau, the River Mekong wends its way sedately through Laos on its way to the South China Sea, shaping the everyday lives of Luang Prabang’s residents and the villagers who dwell on its banks. The sixth longest of Asia’s rivers, it is second only to the Amazon in the richness of its biodiversity, home to revealing species previously unknown to science with astonishing frequency.

At Amantaka, the call of the Mekong is always audible, inviting guests to explore its bends and banks on one of the resort’s private boats. Cruise upstream to the sacred Pak Ou Caves, lined with hundreds of Buddha statues, and stop for a picnic on a scenic, secluded spot on the rivers’ edge. Returning to Amantaka at sunset, savour cocktails and canapés as the sun sets over the mountains and the town's evening rituals unfold on the banks.


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Amanruya, Turkey

Step aboard the luxurious 40ft motor yacht Amanruya-I, or – for a more traditional experience of the Aegean – charter a hand-made Turkish gulet and cruise from island to island aboard the two- or three-masted wooden vessel.

Adventures on the Aegean

Turkey’s Aegean coastline is blessed with extraordinary natural beauty suffused with ancient history. Picturesque relics and Classical-era temple ruins hark back across the centuries to the earliest days of Western civilisation, while – unchanged since the days of the ancients – vivid ultramarine waters and golden-sand coves summon present-day explorers to the Bodrum Peninsula.

The sheltered bay in which Amanruya rests proves an ideal playground for watersports such as snorkelling, kayaking and paddle-boarding, as well as some of the best sailing in the Mediterranean, whether a full-day excursion, an island-hopping afternoon picnic or an atmospheric sunset cruises.

Amanpuri, Thailand

Ocean views from the pool at Amanpuri Amanpuri, Phuket - Extreme Sports Retreat, The Laguna Phuket Triathlon Retreat, Swimming

Shaped by water

From the iconic midnight black tiled pool at the heart of the resort to the shimmering Andaman Sea, water is integral to the Amanpuri story. The legendary architect, the late Ed Tuttle often described how water was central to his vision, building on the sense of tranquillity and peace that water evokes to cultivate a design language that set the benchmark for resort architecture worldwide.

The Andaman Sea on Amanpuri’s doorstep promises both high-octane adventure and leisurely ocean pursuits above and below the waves. From the very latest in adrenaline-surging technology – such as flyboarding, hydrofoils, Seabobs and wakeskating – to meditative water activities, including Schiller biking, stand-up paddle-boarding and floating yoga, guests have an entire ocean as their playground.

'Water is a very important part of my designs. It’s the essence of tranquillity.’

– Ed Tuttle

Aman Venice, Italy

The city on the sea

Few cities are as intimately connected to the sea as Venice, known, among its many monikers, as the City of Water and Queen of the Adriatic. At the heart of this beautiful and historic cluster of islands, waterways and bridges, the 16th-century palazzo that houses Aman Venice stands beside the Grand Canal, bearing witness to the everyday rhythm of the city’s water-borne life as the boats drift by.

Unsurprisingly, one of the best ways to uncover the secrets of Venice is by boat. Aman’s tailor-made boat tours introduce guests to the famed glories and hidden wonders of the Lagoon. Visit Murano, the renowned island home of Italy’s artisan glass blowers, and discover the spectacular basilicas of Santa Maria e San Donato, and San Pietro Martire. Call in on the tiny, lesser-known island of La Certosa and explore the ruins of medieval cloisters and idyllic green space. Take a picnic lunch in the vineyards of Sant’Erasmo; spend the afternoon strolling around the peaceful monastery of San Francesco del Deserto, and end the day on the fascinating former leper colony of San Lazzaro degli Armeni, a trove of Armenian cultural treasures.