Rare adventures

Rare adventures

In 2023, as Aman marks 35 years of transformational travel, we celebrate the unique Aman journeys designed to enrich our lives and awaken our senses - from the sights, sounds and smells that surprise and delight, to the touch of warm hospitality and embrace of Mother Nature.

Whether seeking to expand the mind in the world's most extraordinary destinations, make a once-in-a-lifetime trip to a region unknown or be at one with the wilderness, there is no time like the present to plan a rare Aman adventure.


Aman’s ethos has always been to care for the environments it inhabits, sensitively integrating into its surrounding landscapes, celebrating ancient traditions, and respecting local cultures. Travel on a multi-property itinerary and uncover the fabric and intricacies of each region.

A solo sojourn in the last Buddhist Kingdom

Amankora, Bhutan

The eastern Himalayas is home to its only surviving Buddhist kingdom and Bhutan has long been a pioneer in this regard, welcoming just a handful of travellers to its pristine mountain realm each year.

The first hotel brand to offer five lodges across Bhutan’s spectacular central and western valleys, for the year ahead, Amankora presents a new adventure, specifically designed for guests travelling solo to intimately experience one of the most remote environments on Earth. Ensuring a safe yet culturally enriching experience, the nine-night stay includes complimentary daily excursions across valleys accompanied by an expert guide, all meals, in house-beverages, passes and permits for the most seamless of journeys.  

Journey through Japan

Aman tokyo, Amanemu & aman kyoto

No place is Aman’s appreciation of its environments better demonstrated than at its three properties in Japan, where the country's outstanding landscapes, unique energy and exceptional approach to hospitality can be experienced wholeheartedly. From the lofty urban sanctuary of Aman Tokyo to the nature-ensconced, cultural havens of Amanemu and Aman Kyoto, the specially curated Aman Japan Journey reveals the beauty of the destination. Connecting all three properties, the journey invites guests to experience an all-encompassing experience across one of the world's most captivating nations. 

Sri Lanka’s south coast

amangalla & amanwella

Never before has the escape of travel and discovery – particularly one offering the gentle balm of sun, sand and sea – been quite so appealing. Offering the best of both worlds, Aman’s two properties in Sri Lanka can be combined to create the most harmonious of journeys, separated by just over an hour’s drive. While Amanwella offers the coastal seclusion for which the island is renowned, the lofty ceilings of Amangalla welcome guests inside the historic Galle Fort with gracious colonial grandeur - perfect for families seeking a trip that balances cultural immersion and relaxation on the beach. 

Extraordinary Indonesia

amankila, amandari, amanjiwo, amandira & amanwana

A vibrant island nation, the Indonesian archipelago’s spiritual atmosphere, dramatic scenery and renowned community ethos serve as the inspiration for Aman’s properties across the island country, each of which tells its own unique story.

From the sweeping coastline of restful Amankila to the Eden-like spiritual retreat of Amanjiwo, guests are invited to uncover the region with five Aman destinations or on board Amandira, the brand’s 52-metre sailing yacht. With many of the island’s main attractions still void of crowds, Aman guests can experience the archipelago at its most peaceful, with multi-stop Aman itineraries combining tropical discovery and transformation journeys.  


For all the enrichment cultural immersion can bring, there is much to be gained from nature’s warm embrace. In three tented camps across the globe, serenity and simplicity prevail, with guests invited to reconnect to Mother Nature. From the tiger-inhabited jungle of Ranthambore National Park to the starkly beautiful Utah desert, and a tropical island in Indonesia, each camp offers a sense of escapism and adventure, well-suited to larger groups seeking a special place to come together.


For those fortunate enough to travel often, it is the once-in-a-lifetime itineraries that leave a lasting mark. The journeys that venture into the unknown, showcasing the world’s diversity in all its forms, from its contrasting natural landscapes to its communities and their unique ways of living. Aman has curated several rare adventures, designed to open the mind to what lies beyond.  

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