Art of nature

Art of nature

From the windows of Aman Tokyo, one can see the verdant splendour of the Imperial Palace Garden unfold. Meanwhile, in Ise Shima National Park, Amanemu is immersed in nature positioned between the emerald forest and the sapphire of the sea. And in the secret gardens of Aman Kyoto, the maple trees and moss grow more vivid in hue by the day.

Aman Tokyo cafe
To celebrate the beauty of Spring and the early Summer season, each of Aman’s destinations in Japan offers guests a new opportunity to exercise their creativity, painting and sketching the natural wonders around them, and making precious mementos of their time in nature.

Aman Tokyo

Aman Tokyo room Aman Tokyo cafe

A postcard from Tokyo

The views from Aman Tokyo’s bedrooms are a breathtaking tapestry of city and nature. In the foreground, the gleaming skyscrapers of Shinjuku mingle with the greenery of the Imperial Palace Garden and in the distance, the eternally iconic Mount Fuji marks the horizon. Meanwhile, below at the foot of the tower, in the leafy of the embrace of the Otemachi Forest, the Café by Aman is bathed with the warm, dappled light that shimmers through the trees.

This season, guests are invited to engage with the beauty of the surroundings through the art of etegami – the creation of hand-inked postcards that capture the magic of the moment. A set of coloured ink sticks, a ceramic inkstand, paint brushes and other art materials are presented in a kiri wood box, giving guests everything they need to create etegami postcards to share with loved ones – and a souvenir of their stay to cherish long afterwards.


Amanemu, Ise Shima

A sketch of Ise Shima

The island-dotted vista of Ago Bay could lift an artist’s heart in any season, but springtime brings a particular air of enchantment to the scene. The landscape around Amanemu is at its most magnificent over the spring and early summer, as the vast gardens and surrounding forest grow green and verdant, and the sunlight sparkles on the ocean.

For guests inspired by the spectacle of the season, Amanemu offers 24-color pencil sets to indulge their artistic streak with a picnic lunch box. With forest trails featuring thousands of flowers and trees including peach, camphor and the Nemu tree from which the resort gets its name, and the picturesque bay home to drifting oyster rafts, there is no shortage of subjects to sketch – from the most sweeping landscape to the most detailed nature study. Go explore and find the perfect spot to sit and paint, or simply relax in a Suite and recreate the spellbinding view framed by the floor-to-ceiling window.

Aman Kyoto

Aman Kyoto garden lunch Aman Kyoto garden

The colours of Kyoto

In the forest gardens of Aman Kyoto, more than 2,000 fresh green maples are about to burst into splendour. An enclave of tranquillity, soundtracked by birdsong and the babble of the stream, the idyllic garden setting never fails to soothe the mind and stir the soul.

Kyoto has always been a city of artists. In the 18th century, it was the birthplace of the Rimpa school of painting, whose adherents took the beauty of nature as their muse. Aman Kyoto invites guests to follow in their footsteps, take a seat in the garden and let inspiration lead where it may. A local Japanese painter is on hand to offer guidance and instruction. Guests can also try their hand at the traditional technique of pattern dyeing, creating etegami postcards bearing motifs inspired by the scenery of Aman Kyoto and the artistic style of the Rimpa school.

Long-stay summer

All three of Aman’s destinations in Japan are offering guests two complementary nights with every five-night stay, so they can enjoy a full week’s retreat – a little extra time to unwind, reset and make the most of the summertime.