The forests of Japan

Written by Kyoko Sekine

Japan’s secret forests

From its delicate cherry blossoms and mineral hot springs to the iconic Mount Fuji, travellers have long flocked to Japan to experience its natural beauty alongside the cultural values for which it has become internationally renowned. Yet the country’s most unsung attraction is its forests. Spanning some 25.05 million hectares, they account for approximately 67% of Japan’s land area but remain a secret to many, with few privy to their healing powers.

Since its inception in Phuket in 1988, Aman has been inspired by this beautiful green island nation – its mountains, forests, and rural landscapes – leading to the birth of three unique hotels and resorts designed to coexist with nature. 

Working with environmental experts on forest restoration, protection, and the development of new urban forests, Aman’s ethos has always been to sensitively integrate into its environments, and no place is this better demonstrated than in Japan. 

Aman Tokyo

Urban sanctuary 

In the bustling business centre of Tokyo, the Otemachi Tower rises up into the skyline – a magnificent structure and home to Aman’s first urban hotel. Seemingly untouched by nature, Aman Tokyo’s atrium lobby rests on the tower’s 33rd floor, with its rooms and suites offering panoramic views of the city below. 

Yet just outside the hotel, the building’s very own forest reveals itself – a calming woodland refuge spanning 3,600 sqm and comprising more than 56,000 individually selected plants. The Café by Aman is nestled into this leafy setting, giving guests an opportunity to take a break from the pace of Tokyo and connect with the nature around them.


Aman Kyoto

Aman Kyoto Stairs
Aman Kyoto, Japan Aman Kyoto

Secret garden in the forest

Leaving behind the crowded city, and heading to the foot of Mt. Takagamine, Aman Kyoto appears on the horizon, blanketed by forest glades. Formerly known as the Kamiyagawa Garden, the hotel’s verdant surrounds differ from traditional Japanese gardens, inviting guests back-in-time.

Encountering the garden over two decades ago, the late architect, Kerry Hill, visioned the next Aman in this very spot and thus, Aman Kyoto opened in 2019.


Amanemu, Ise Shima

Amanemu_Japan_Portrait Amanemu

Diverse coastal landscapes

Amanemu rests peacefully on the plateau of the Osaki Peninsula which stretches out into Ago Bay. Known as Ise-Shima, the area was nicknamed the 'Land of Food' (Miketsukuni) over 1400 years ago in celebration of its bountiful seafood and rich grazing pastures producing the finest beef. 

Inheriting the rich soil and overlooking the captivating bay, Amanemu is a sanctuary of restorative peace, where nature at its most exceptional can be appreciated and enjoyed.


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