Rising Sun

Rising sun

Seasonal celebrations across the Aman globe: 

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Dawn's arrival, with its golden and apricot hues, carries the promise of renewal - the rising sun symbolising new beginnings as the world awakens from its quiet slumber. Across the Aman globe, each new day presents the opportunity to leave behind the old and celebrate the season wholeheartedly, under the sun’s warm rays.  

Embracing the festive spirit, experiences begin at sunrise, encouraging a moment of reflection before the day ahead. Gentle meditations and yoga classes take place at first light, followed by nourishing breakfasts, snorkelling above coral reefs and hiking across breathtaking terrain, all guided by the sun as it carves its path across the sky. 

When dawn breaks for the first time in 2024, celebrations take on a whole new meaning, heralding the arrival of a new year. Witness the ‘Dawn of the Sacred Light’ at Amankora, Bhutan; wake to greet New Year deity, Toshigami-sama, at Aman Tokyo, Japan; or embrace Italian culinary culture with a multi-course brunch at Aman Venice.  

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