Sri Lanka Adventure Experiences

Amanwella’s golden-sand beach is ideal for activities ranging from surfing and snorkelling to whale watching and fishing in the Indian Ocean. Nearby, the jungled coast is home to the cultural riches of southern Sri Lanka and infinite natural treasures such as those at the Yala and Udawalawe national parks, where leopards and elephants can be seen, as well as the Bundala Bird Sanctuary

Amanwella, Elephant Safari

Safaris and Sanctuaries

Just 90 minutes from Amanwella, a brace of national parks promise wildlife sightings to rival the most celebrated African game reserves. Herds of wild elephant roam the grasslands of Udawalawe National Park; kingfishers and hornbills perch in the trees, and water buffalo cautiously eye the mugger crocodiles as they glide lazily along the river. Leopard spotters head to Yala, the island’s biggest park and home to the world’s largest concentration of the elusive big cat. The patient and the lucky are often rewarded with a glimpse. A visit to an elephant sanctuary never fails to stir the heart, offering up the sight of orphaned young residents as they make their stumbling stepsto collect their leafy meals, legs unsteady and trunks a-twirling.
Amanwella, Sri Lanka - Pottery Making

The village of Palapotta prides itself on a strong pottery heritage. Here, skills are passed down through generations, and to guests of Amanwella

Master potter B. Karunasena invites Aman guests into his home workshop to learn the skill required to craft his family’s renowned terracotta designs, before encouraging visitors to try their own hand at creating a unique piece
Amanwella, Sri Lanka - Surfing

Snorkelling and surfing are among the best in the region, with spots nearby to suit all abilities

Farther out to sea, blue whales can be sighted on their annual migration from December to April, as well as sperm whales and spinner dolphins
amanwella Sri Lanka tea frying tea trails

One of the island’s principal crops, Ceylon tea plantations are speckled across the hillsides

Learn about the island’s history of tea growing from Amanwella’s own experts over an afternoon cup, or visit the plantations with a guide
Amanwella, Sri Lanka - Temple

Spiritual inspiration

The coastal route between Amangalla and Amanwella is dotted with spiritual sites, ancient and modern. The rock temples of Mulkirigala Raja Maha Viharaare among the most mesmerising and dramatic. Situated on a natural monolith more than 200m high, the Buddhist complex is believed to have been constructed in the third century. Those with the stamina to face its near-vertical ancient steps will discover five staggered levels of seven caves where enormous Buddha statues in bold colours recline, stand and sit. The drama of the wall paintings and sculpturesis as breath-stealing as the ascent.

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