Adventures and experiences at Amanwella

The south coast’s many golden beaches are ideal for activities ranging from surfing and snorkelling to whale watching and fishing in the Indian Ocean. Inland, jungles reveal ancient temples and holy caves, tea plantations and natural treasures including Bundala Bird Sanctuary and Udawalawe National Parks.

Activity Guide 

Amanwella, Sri Lanka - Elephant Sanctuary

Wildlife safaris

Within 1.5 hours by car from Amanwella, a brace of national parks promise wildlife sightings to rival the most celebrated African game reserves. Wild elephant roam Udawalawe National Park, while Bundala attracts huge numbers of migratory birds and look out for the elusive leopards at Yala . Luxurious vehicles and expert guides ensure a world-class safari experience. guests are also invited to combine their safari with a visit to the elephant sactuary where hundreds of infant elephants are cared for and rehabilitated. 
Amanwella, Sri Lanka - Mawella Lagoon

Mawella Lagoon

The serene waters of Mawella Lagoon provide an ideal setting for sunrise or sunset canapes aboard Amanwella’s floating lounge. With a glass of champagne in hand, drift along the verdant shoreline and out into the tranquil deep, spotting pelicans, kingfishers and other water birds as the calm surface reflects the sky above. 
Amanwella, Sri Lanka - Surfing

Surfer's paradise

Sri Lanka is renowned for its surf and attracts both experienced and novice surfers year-round. The beaches near Amanwella boast a range of breaks for all levels, and the resort can arrange one-on-on lessons with experienced local surfers.
Amanwella, Sri Lanka - Cooking classes

Cooking lessons

Sri Lanka’s tropical climate ensures a cornucopia of fruit and vegetables, fragrant spices and fresh seafood year-round.  Master the intricacies of spices, local dishes and their believed health benefits under the guidance of our head chef and Ayurvedic specialist, before savouring your creations.
Amanwella, Sri Lanka - Village Dining

Village dining

As darkness falls, gather inside a traditional mud home, surrounded by jungle and savour this delicious and authentic taste of village life by candlelight as our Aman team prepare various traditional Sri Lankan courses.  

Special Requests

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