Amantaka Pool Suite

Hallway Detail, Amantaka Pool Suite - Amantaka, Laos Living Area, Amantaka Pool Suite - Amantaka, Laos

Elegant and timeless, Amantaka’s Pool Suites offer 117 square metres (1259 square feet) of interior space surrounded by a sprawling outdoor terrace with garden, a private relaxation sala and a large swimming pool. Reminiscent of the region’s Buddhist heritage, interiors are clean and bright, creating a calming atmosphere with a spacious living room, library and study, as well as king-sized four-poster bed. The bathroom is a peaceful sanctuary, with an island bathtub, twin vanities, a dressing room, and separate shower and toilet.

All stays include

  • In-room refreshments and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Daily breakfast
  • Daily afternoon tea
  • One guided tour of the Galle Fort
  • Access to two hydrotherapy suites with hot and cold plunge pools, steam rooms and saunas


  • Large private swimming pool
  • Garden
  • Private relaxation sala
  • King-size four-poster bed
  • Living room with a writing desk
  • Study, Library
  • Bathroom with island bathtub
  • Twin vanities, dressing room, separate shower/toilet
  • WiFi, sound system, safe
  • Personal bar

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