Classical history and natural beauty enhance each other on the majestic Turkish Aegean, the serene setting for Amanruya

Bodrum Adventure Experiences

Surrounded by quiet bays where rolling forested hills touch the sea’s edge, Amanruya is positioned on the Bodrum peninsula - within easy reach of the aged battlements and cosmopolitan brio of Bodrum. Ancient sites from Greek and Roman history are dotted across the Aegean coastline, a short drive or sail away, and for centuries the region has been a centre of traditional artisan Turkish crafts


Built in the early 15th century, Bodrum castle remains a medieval relic, fortified with green volcanic stones and marble columns

Now home to the Museum of Underwater Archaeology, a visit to the castle should also take in the marina and adjacent narrow lanes that are the hub of contemporary city life


Once the second-largest city in the world, ancient ephesus is one of the best-preserved ancient sites on the globe

After 150 years, just a fraction of the city has been unearthed, including several temples, a library, theatre, colonnaded street and gate. It lies near the ancient town of Priene, as well as the 15,000-seat amphitheatre at Miletus


Pottery making has been a Turkish tradition and artform since the early days of the Ottoman Empire

Using distinctive red clay, artisans in the village of Mumcular offer an opportunity to watch the creation process and invite you to try it for yourself


Amanruya’s terrace beach commands expansive views of the turquoise Aegean spread out amid the hills

Protected by a headland, the calm bay is ideal for sailing, snorkelling or canoeing, as well as venturing farther afield on a motor yacht or traditional gulet (sailing boat).


The region’s natural beauty is best experienced up close on foot, bicycle or horseback

Visit the fishing village of Gümüşlük for daytime dives that explore the sunken ancient city of Myndos and hikes at dusk capture the sunset between the gentle sloping coves


The village of Etrim is known for producing wonderfully intricate hand-knotted carpets

Witness the spanning and dyeing of the thread on your visit, as well as the weaving process itself - a craft that has been passed down the generations in the village

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