Arva at Aman Sveti Stefan

Overlooking the sea on the island of Sveti Stefan, Arva is Aman’s tribute to the bold flavour, culinary inventiveness and sustainable approach of traditional Italian cookery. Its name comes from Latin, in which Arva means ‘cultivated land’, and reflects the gastronomic philosophy of combining the best seasonal produce of field and forest, sea and soil.

Chef-sourced produce, best of the wild harvest

At Arva, every ingredient tells a story. Aman Sveti Stefan’s Executive Chef and his kitchen team travel to markets and producers across the country to source their produce. Back in the island kitchen, these rare ingredients are treated with a combination of traditional Italian gastronomic reverence and inspired modern innovation.

Thanks to its fertile soils, varied microclimates and Adriatic waters, Montenegro is blessed with an exceptional range of fresh produce and local seafood, showcased on the Arva menu. Paired with the region’s one-of-a-kind wines, these seasonal, sustainable and locally sourced ingredients are paired with select ingredients from some of the most respected niche suppliers in Italy.

Classic tastes, contemporary twists

Arva’s menu takes the familiar flavour combinations from Italian gastronomy and spins them in exciting new directions. Expect an array of fresh pastas and risottos; organic vegetables and fruits; sea bass, octopus and rock oysters direct from the Adriatic and pasture-fed beef from northern Montenegro. Show-stopper sharing platters are a speciality, with dishes such as three-hour braised octopus, herb-roasted organic chicken, and fish al cartocchio.

Breathtaking views of the Adriatic

Spanning two-tiered terraces on Sveti Stefan Island, with a sea view from every table, Arva is a fine-dining experience.

Reservation required

Arva is open seasonally from May to October to both guests and non-residents. Please contact the team to make a reservation: