Secret Garden Tea Set

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A ritualistic process dating back to the 9th century, the tea ceremony serves as a simple pathway to mindfulness, providing a moment away from the hustle and bustle of daily routine. The Aman Kyoto Original Tea Set encapsulates the tranquil forest gardens and the slow pace of life at the resort. Designed and created by a tea master, Mr Dairiku Amae and the young craftsmen of Kyoto, it offers a portable escape, ideal for gathering with friends or for a moment’s self-care. 

Inspired by the secret garden, the tea bowl has been glazed by ceramic artist, Shiro Shimizu, grandson of Uichi Shimizu, one of the foremost Kyoto-based artists of his time. Baked in a kiln in Shiga, the rich earthy colour of the bowl has a rustic appearance and is cocooned in a shifuku bag, dyed using maple leaves and water from the resort’s very own gardens. 

Describing the set, Mr Amae said, “The fresh green of the matcha green tea is reminiscent of a tea plantation while the sound of hot water being poured into the teacup, and the warmth felt when the bowl is wrapped in the palm of your hand have a mediative effect, awakening all the senses. By using the delicate tea utensils, memories that lie dormant in the tea ceremony come to life, while the final taste invites further reflection.

Each set contains everything required to hold a traditional yet refined ceremony, including a tea bowl, teaspoon, whisk, tea bag bowl, tea caddy, water bowl, matcha green tea and an Amna Kyoto water bottle.

The Aman Kyoto Original Tea Set is priced at 330,000 Yen

Limited edition with 10 sets available 

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