The Art of Strawberry

9 January - 30 April

Indulge in Aman Kyoto’s delicate Spring Strawberry Parfait, a masterful fusion of two distinct strawberry varieties—'Awayuki' and 'Amaou’. Delight in the craftsmanship of our homemade Kamigamo strawberry ice cream and Miyama milk gelato, with delicate white and pink meringue, layers of Kyoto's sweet sake rice flour granola, velvety custard, fresh strawberries, and an elegant rose champagne jelly. Encased in Matsuo's specialty 'monaka' (rice cake wafers), it cradles feuillantine crafted from crepes and strawberry chocolate, providing a delightful symphony of strawberries and Kyoto's essence with each and every bite. Savour the parfait with a choice of organic coffee, tea, or herbal tea and take home a slice of pound cake as a delicious souvenir.



*Inclusive of consumption tax and service charge

*Reservation is available at 2.30pm or 3.00pm