Summer for the soul

The pleasure of travel is the joy of discovery and the delight of the new. Wherever we venture in the world, we hope to return enriched by our experiences – the things we have seen, the people we have met, and the simple act of stepping outside our everyday lives. Each Aman destination is shaped by the history and character of the people, landscape and nature that surround it. Whether guests are seeking to connect with the creative traditions of the local cultures, come face to face with remarkable wildlife, or enjoy the sun and splendour of sea and shore, the perfect destination awaits.

Flora & Fauna

The sands of the Caribbean, the wilderness plains of the American West, the peaks of the Himalayas – in these spectacular landscapes, Aman offers close encounters with natural wonders and a window into the life of the wild.

Turtle tagging at Amanyara

At Amanyara, guests don’t just have opportunities to discover wildlife; they also play an active part in preserving it, thanks to the Amanyara Sea Turtle Initiative. By joining the resort naturalist to flipper-tag the islands’ green and hawksbill turtles, and attach satellite tags to teenage specimens, Aman guests help universities and conservation organisations around the world understand migration patterns, and ensure these beautiful but endangered animals have a future.

The garden of the grizzly

Every season is a spectacle in the 22-million-acre Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem that surrounds Amangani. As winter shifts into spring, the magnificent bighorn sheep and huge herds of elk leave the valley floor to summer in the mountains, while black and grizzly bears awaken from hibernation and roam the unspoilt wilderness. Late May or early June, when the valley is carpeted with a rainbow of wildflowers, are the best months to glimpse bears and wolves before they shy away from the summer crowds.

Flower of the Himalayas

Although its inhospitable terrain might suggest otherwise, the mountain kingdom is one of the world’s most biodiverse places. As summer approaches, the slopes erupt into colour as a carpet of Bhutan’s endemic red, pink and white poppies turns the Haa area into the world’s highest-altitude flower show. Amankora guests can witness the unique seasonal spectacle on guided overnight treks between the lodges of Thimphu and Paro, when they might also spy the metallic shimmer of multicoloured monal pheasants, and bharal (Himalayan blue sheep) perched on seemingly sheer mountainsides.

Special Requests

No request is too great and no detail too small. The Aman team is ready to assist both during your stay and before arrival.