Aman Driving Journeys in Japan

Taking Aman’s service to the roads, Aman Driving Journeys provide the opportunity for guests to drive impeccable sports and luxury cars, SUVs, or their own vehicle in the world’s most dramatic locations. On supported 5-day trips, guests will spend 3-days traversing the incredible landscapes that surround Aman properties with fully customisable itineraries. From 3 to 5 hours of driving per day, guests are free to set off in their own time, exploring and pausing on-route as the mood takes them, with Amanemu or Aman Kyoto as their base.

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The allure of the open road is undeniable – the possibilities it holds, the freedom it promises

Personalised iPhones provided to each guest will recommend off-the-beaten-track coffee shops, galleries and photo opportunities while lunch stops range from Aman picnics and local dining experiences in authentic eateries, to exquisite fine dining when the opportunity arises.

These social events are ideal for like-minded friends and family with an interest in experiencing motoring combined with the Aman lifestyle.

Aman Kyoto, Japan

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Kyoto's Secrets - Driving Itinerary


Day 1: The Nara Okuyama Driveway

Aman Kyoto’s setting - a stone’s throw from 17 Unesco World Heritage Sites – provides an idyllic base for Aman Driving Journeys. On the first day, depart Aman Kyoto and head towards Mount Wakakusa, navigating the turns of the Nara Okuyama Driveway which passes through the Kasugayama Primeval Forest. Visit the famous Unesco Todaiji Buddhist Temple before enjoying lunch in consummate privacy in a villa in the Wakayama province. Before returning to Aman Kyoto, make a stop-off at the temple of Negoroji – a temple complex surrounded by the Katsuragi Mountains. 

Day 2: Lake Biwa

Heading north, the second day of driving ventures to Lake Biwa. Driving along the waters-edge, guests can admire the lake’s abundant fish population, migratory water birds or the shoreline - home to famous beaches such as Omi-Maiko. Enjoy coffee at Hikone Castle, a historic Edo-period castle built in the 1600s before lunch at Hirasansou in the mountainside. The return trip to Aman Kyoto includes a stop at the Shirahige Shrine - its large floating torii gate providing the perfect photo opportunity.

Day 3: Ise-Shima National Park

The third day of driving leaves Aman Kyoto, making the journey towards Amanemu. On route, stop to explore the Ise Grand Shrine - a complex of over 125 shrines and considered the home of the Japanese national religion, Shinto. The drive continues along a 23km stretch known as the Pearl Road which runs through the Ise-Shima National Park. The summit provides stunning photo opportunities, before descending to Amanemu on the shores of Ago Bay.

Amanemu, Japan

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Day 4: The Pearl Road

Wake surrounded by the peaceful forests of Amanemu, enjoying breakfast before heading north. Drive the Pearl Road once again, which winds through a deep forest landscape, towards the Ise Jingu Shrine. After a picnic lunch provided by Amanemu’s chefs, continue westward along the beautiful Miya River canyon to Ago Bay for sunset. Return to Amanemu for a seasonal dinner created by Executive Chef Masanobu Inaba. 

Day 5: The Suzuka Circuit

Just under two-hours’ drive from Amanemu is the Suzuka Circuit. Designed in 1962, the track is one of few circuits in the world to have a figure-eight layout. A stage to many legendary races, drivers will have the opportunity to take the wheel on the Grand Prix course, trying their hand at navigating its turns – a wonderful way to end the Aman Driving Journey in Japan. Return to Amanemu for a final evening – either retreating in the Spa or enjoying the benefits of Japanese Onsen bathing.

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