Aman Tokyo’s birds-eye perch above the city centre offers a serene window onto urban dynamism, while the ancient tradition of thermal springs is embraced by Amanemu, set within Ise Shima National Park near ancient pilgrimage routes and Japan’s most sacred Shinto shrines.

Asiaview of mount fuji from Aman TokyoAAman TokyoAmanemu
a shinkansen bullet train - journey time between aman tokyo and amanemu is 4 hours 30 minutes

Create an Aman Journey

Explore the exceptional natural and cultural diversity of Japan with a journey across two Aman destinations. A personalised itinerary connects the urban energy of Tokyo with the peace of Ise Shima, site of ancient pilgrimage routes and home to healing spring waters.

Daily flights operate between Tokyo Hadena Airport and Nagoya Airport.  Amanemu is a 2 hour 30 minute drive from Nagoya. A helicopter transfer from Nagoya to Amanemu can also be arranged.

A train journey between Tokyo Station and Kashikojima Station takes approximately 4 hours 30 minutes. Amanemu is a 15 minute drive from Kashikojima Station and guests are met upon arrival at the station

Experiences & Adventures 

Exclusive, authentic and inspiring experiences focusing on local traditions and heritage 

  • Aman Tokyo | Otemachi District

    Breakfast in Tokyo

    Enjoy daily breakfast at The Restaurant as part of your stay. With views over the Imperial Gardens and across to Mount Fuji, it provides an unparalleled urban backdrop and an inspiring start to the day.

  • Aman Tokyo | Otemachi District

    Stay and Dine

    Dine on farm-fresh cuisine at The Restaurant, sip Aman's own sake in The Lounge, or enjoy coffee at the Aman Café, located at ground level in the Otemachi Forest.

  • Aman Tokyo | Otemachi District

    Urban Spa Escape

    Indulge at the Aman Spa, where treatments come with Kampo healing, Zen philosophy and seasonal herbs and flowers.

City and country,
ancient and modern:

the contrasts of Japan couldn’t be more stark and yet on a journey through Aman Tokyo and Amanemu you begin to understand the principles that unify the culture. A respect for beauty. A reverence for nature. An attention to detail that is in my experience unmatched across the globe. A journey from the top of the Otemachi Tower to the private onsen of Amanemu is a journey across time as well as culture'

Marc Handl, Regional Director - Aman Japan

An Insider's View

of Aman in Japan
  • an instagram photo taken by Adam Goldberg of @alifewortheating, showing aman tokyo's furo soaking tub and skyline view
  • an instagram photo of an amanemu suite taken by @topalondon
  • the 33 metre high lobby lantern at Aman Tokyo, photo taken by @guychambers on instagram

2A tale of contrasts, from modern Tokyo to timeless Ise Shima

Uncompromisingly traditional yet gloriously contemporary, Japan’s cultural landscape never fails to enthral, from downtown Toyko to the serene shores of Ago Bay