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A summer of conscious living

The great benefit of travel is that it shifts the mind out of routine, raises awareness of the moment, and opens eyes to the smallest details. New environments nurture fresh perspectives; new experiences create lasting memories that can change our outlook - when we travel consciously, we can permanently change the way we see the world and our understanding of our place in it. Aman encourages conscious travel, connecting guests to landscapes, communities and traditions in ways that stimulate the senses, inspire the mind and nourish the soul.
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Our Central Reservations team is also available via phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

Tel: (65) 6715 8855 (Singapore)

Tel: (1) 754 216 7830 (USA)


Aman Sveti Stefan, Montenegro - Summer Travel

Slow living in Montenegro

Combining a 15th-century fortified island village with the former summer residence of the Yugoslavian royal family, Aman Sveti Stefan is a lesson in restoration and slow architecture. Close to the Unesco-listed old town of Kotor, the isthmus-linked resort is the ideal setting to ease off the accelerator and savour the joys of silence, the beauty of sunset, and the simple serenity of life on the sea. Queen’s Beach, a private scallop of sand beside the Aman Spa, is one of the country’s most beloved – the perfect spot to pause and revel in the sunshine. Inland, the wild beauty of the Montenegro’s mountains calls. Hike up the monastery up on the hill for the best views of Aman Sveti Stefan, then return to witness the sunset at the cliff pool or Arva restaurant, where the region's local produce is transformed into simple but extraordinary dishes, packed with flavour.

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Space for the senses

The clear light and fresh ocean air of the Peloponnese are a tonic for the brain, sharpening awareness and rewarding the senses. Of all the Classically inspired accommodation, none offers the feeling of freedom and space like Villa 20, a masterpiece of elegant indoor-outdoor living. Weaving in natural greenery and contemporary sculpture, this modern-day acropolis overlooks the sunset horizon of the Aegean.

Discover Amanzoe
Amanruya, Bodrum, Turkey - Summer Travel

Connections with history

Our lives are a single chapter in the human story – part of a continuum of civilisation that stretches back millennia. To look upon the traces of the past can bring eye-opening perspectives to the present and, with its abundant ruins and relics, Bodrum Peninsula opens windows onto history. From the beachside Pavilions of Amanruya, venture to the Unesco-protected remnants of Ephesus, one of the greatest cities of the ancient world, or fast-forward a millennium and discover the medieval ruins of Bodrum Castle. Craft is another powerful connection to the cultural past, and in the surrounding villages, contemporary potters still use techniques and materials pioneered by the forefathers in the days of the Ottoman Empire. 

Discover Amanruya
Amanjena, Marrakech, Morocco - Summer Travel

A Moroccan meditation

Inspired by the rose-hued buildings of old Marrakech, Ed Tuttle’s pared-back take on Moorish architecture has created the ideal setting for contemplation. A place of soaring horseshoe arches and reflecting pools and water channels, Amanjena is the peaceful counterpoint to the dynamic energy of the Medina, allowing guests to switch from stimulation to serenity as they choose. 

Discover Amanjena


Amankila, Bali, Indonesia - Summer Travel

Wellness from within

Against the brilliant blue backdrop of the Lombok Strait, Amankila proposes mindfulness and meditation as a route to wellbeing and happiness. Stress-elimination and self-development await on 19–21 September with the dedicated Wellness from Within retreat. Learn the Sudarshan Kriya breathing technique, meditation and yoga as part of the Art of Living courses hosted by Pak Panji Tisna, a pre-eminent scholar of Bali’s culture and history, with evening lectures on consciousness and spirituality. Shed self-consciousness through unconstrained laughter with Pak Eka; complimentary classes take place thrice weekly in the Yoga Pavilion, with uplifting evening sessions in the library. Kungkum meditation is also available – this in-water movement and mindfulness technique is intended to deliver a deeper state of consciousness. 

Discover Amankila

Mountain spirit

Pause for peace, rest quietly, breathe deeply, and focus the mind. The extraordinary kingdom of Bhutan is one of the world’s last strongholds of Vajrayana Buddhism, and visual spectacle and spiritual enrichment await at the turn of every mountain trail. At Amankora, absorb the sensory wonderland of Bhutanese nature with a prayer-flag bathing experience, where the remarkable atmosphere created by the sight and sound of the flags centres the self in profound, meditative stillness.

Discover Amankora
Amanfayun, Hangzhou, China - Summer Travel

Ancient wisdom

Increasing knowledge and cultivating curiosity is a direct route to enhanced consciousness. Amid a landscape of tea plantations and bamboo groves, Amanfayun is a living history book, telling tales from Hangzhou’s past. The restored village invites guests to meditation through spa therapies and ancient cultural practices. The considered interplay of brush and ink in traditional calligraphy takes it beyond art form to become a meditative practice. Raising awareness of both body and lifestyle, Tai Chi helps read just incorrect and often unconscious movements of daily life by encouraging disciplined and more conscious motion. Effective medicine for mind, body and a healthier future.

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USA & Caribbean

Amanera, Dominican Republic - Summer Travel

The beauty of belonging

Deserted beaches edged with mangroves, unspoilt rainforest, the living waters of the Atlantic – the northern coast of the Dominican Republic presents an extraordinary combination of habitats and myriad opportunities to reconnect with the natural world. Amanera embraces this diversity, and celebrates the beauty of its location in numerous ways. The rainforest and organic garden provides the healing herbs and medicinal plants for the Aman Spa’s holistic wellbeing programme – as well as for the fresh Caribbean dishes from the restaurant and the cocktails at the bar. The family-centric spirit of the Dominicans ensures that their love for the locale is contagious, and the simple, feet-in-the-sand way of life – slow mornings watching the sunrise over breakfast, freshly caught fish grilled on the beach, smores at the fire-pit – carries its lessons back into everyday life long after guests leave.

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Rewilding in Wyoming

Surrounded by a vast expanse of meadow and mountain, on the edge of the Grand Teton National Park, Amangani is the gateway to one of the world’s great wildernesses. It's hillside Suites and Homes are the ideal places to disconnect from the distractions of the digital world and return to the natural marvels of the great American outdoors. Join the resident naturalists on a private tour of Yellowstone, follow the creek and explore the valley on horseback, and spy bears and elk as the warm sun lures them from the forest.

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Our Central Reservations team is also available via phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

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