Spice Islands Expedition 

Discover this cluster of seven tiny islands in Eastern Indonesia’s vast Banda Sea on a 10-night voyage

For centuries, the islands were the world’s only source of nutmeg, earning the Moluccas their nickname – the Spice Islands. Each tropical paradise is blanketed in dense forests, and the water surrounding the islands is teeming with sea life. Charming villages can be found on five of the islands, with traces of Dutch forts on Banda Neira, Banda Besar and Run.

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Days one & two: Set sail for Banda, spotting dolphins and sperm whales

Have lunch as the boat departs, observing dolphins and sperm whales along their migration route. Arrive at your first Spice Island, Ai, in the first light of dawn.


Days three & four: Snorkel at Run Island & hike Gunung Api

Marvel at ocean panoramas and spend the day snorkelling, before exploring Malaki Islet. After anchoring at Banda Naire, hike Gunung Api for an extraordinary view of the Banda Islands. Enjoy a candlelit dinner on the ramparts of Fort Belgica and a music and dance performance


Days five & six: Sail to Pulau Hatta for aquatic adventures & explore the beaches of the Gorong Islands

Snorkel, dive, fish, kayak and paddleboard, then head out for guided walks and sunset drinks at Hatta Island. Cruise overnight to the Gorong Islands and take part in a wall dive. Set sail to Raja Ampat after lunch, and admire a sunset like no other en route to Misool Island.


Days seven & eight: Snorkel at Boo Rock & explore the vibrant reefs of Raja Ampat

Marvel at the marine life of the Windows gully, then dive the Four Kings reef. Set off early the next day for Daram, to witness surgeonfish, barracuda, fusiliers and more amid the rising and falling tides.


Days nine & ten: Visit a pearl farm in Tolomol, and ride a dinghy through secret caves

Kayak or paddleboard into a cavern, before returning to the boat. Dive the intriguing depths of Farondi Cave, before the final stop: Sorong.

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