Sustainability at Amanyara

Caring for Caicos culture, nature and biodiversity

Poised on the wild, western shores of Providenciales, overlooking Northwest Point Marine National Park, community and conservation have always been at the heart of Amanyara and its nearby protected parklands.  


Honouring biodiversity 

A deep respect for nature is ingrained in every one of Amanyara's many acres, particularly those running beside the rugged marine reserve of Northwest Point. Known locally as “the iron shore”, this unique limestone-and-lava coastline is studded with islands and cays, rich in remarkable biodiversity. Almost 100 acres of the resort was developed in a way that means virtually all the flora found around Amanyara’s paths and pavilions are native Caribbean species, such as buttonwood, Bahama strong back, mahogany and sea grape. Large trees, including the Jamaican caper, gumbo limbo and wild tamarind also flourish, as well as the endangered Caicos pine.  

Northwest Point Marine Reserve

Amanyara’s coastline nudges up against the Northwest Point Marine Reserve, comprised of large numbers of saline flats that allow mangroves and succulent sea purslane to thrive. The Caicos Banks – an underwater plateau of shallow marine slopes that supports the archipelago – are also rich with marine life and coral heads that create appealing habitats for lobster. Seagrass beds allow conch populations to prosper and rare and endemic plants are plentiful amid the area’s interconnected network of wetlands, mangroves, blue holes and caves. Among the species of tropical fish often sighted are parrotfish, snappers and groupers, green and hawksbill sea turtles, reef and nurse sharks, and gracefully gliding southern and eagle rays. 


Education is everything

Improving education is one of the key pathways to a more mindful future. Amanyara has long supported Oseta Jolly Primary School with educational supplies and facilities, installing teaching and learning resources in classrooms, as well as playground equipment and toys donated through the generosity of hotel guests.  

Celebrating local culture 

Amanyara works closely with local changemakers and grassroots communities to address the importance of development across Turks and Caicos. Where possible, the hotel employs local staff, offering international skill-sharing and business leadership for all. Nurturing local talents, developing hospitality careers and embracing diversity in all aspects of business operations is encouraged, and every effort is made to be inclusive to all. Amanyara also supports fundraising for the Turks & Caicos National Museum, which works to record and display the islands’ history and heritage, funded only by private donations.  


Low-miles supply

While the Caribbean’s carbon footprint is relatively small – less than 1% of global greenhouse gas emissions – the potential ecological impact of the region’s 28 million overnight visitors must be managed with great care – especially when it comes to food. As a key custodian on Providenciales, Amanyara assesses all suppliers and service providers for their sustainability, and plans for an on-site organic farm are already underway in the hope of further reducing the resort’s footprint.

The local fishing community is also relied upon for sourcing the freshest mahi, snapper, grouper, conch, and lobster, served in the resort’s restaurants. In turn, this encourages growth and local commerce.

Energy-saving lighting

LED bulbs come as standard throughout Amanyara, ensuring 80% more efficiency than traditional lighting. Advanced lighting controls and occupancy sensors also ensure no energy is wasted and smart controls minimise any unnecessary environmental impact. A central hotel system further optimises room temperatures, lights and water usage across the resort.  

Raising waste awareness

Amanyara produces its own organic fertiliser for landscaping, and tree clippings are also dried and shredded, ready to be scattered back into the grounds. Amanyara employees are also taught proper procedures for recycling and sorting waste through an official training programme.