Sustainability at Amanwella

A nurturer of nature with a deep connection for the community of south Sri Lanka

Nestled within a mature coconut grove along the length of a gently curving pristine beach, Amanwella lies on Sri Lanka’s picturesque south coast. Situated near the fishing village of Tangalle, the resort’s eco-friendly operations combine with its connection to its neighbours - a heart-warming community who form an integral part of the Amanwella experience.  


Connected to community

Hyper-local human-led hospitality sees most of the hotel team recruited from nearby villages, lending the sense that Amanwella’s neighbours are extended family. Aman is known for its commitment to training hospitality talents, and in return, Amanwella can effortlessly showcase Sri Lanka’s genuine soul and spirit, communicating stories about local culture and customs with authenticity. 

Supporting those with disabilities 

The hotel's social outreach programme includes supporting a local orphanage and NGO, Navajeena. Through these collaborations, the hotel gives visibility to disability and opportunities to those who might not otherwise have them. This particular initiative works with people with physical and mental impairments, training those with hearing difficulties as beauticians and helping them qualify with industry certificates so they can become professional practitioners, some of whom Amanwella is able to engage through the beauty services offered. 


Regenerating nature 

Environmentalism is at the heart of Amanwella’s groundskeeping, as exemplified across the property's sprawling site, down to its 800-metre beachfront. Sensitively tending to gardens, includes planting more of the endemic Pandan tree to protect its coastline, and using all the cut grass to make natural compost, helping to prevent soil degradation. To help in the protection of Amanwella’s spectacular setting and its groves of coconut palms, guests are invited to plant more seedlings, take part in monthly beach cleans hosted in partnership with the community and rainforest excursions that support Sri Lanka’s precious national parks. 

Ayurveda’s ancient wisdom 

Ayurveda's nature-focused philosophy is not only found its spa treatments which utilise locally grown herbs and spices in the healthiest ways, but is also closely linked to Amanwella's kitchen. Alongside enjoying recipes using coconut oil and coconut milk that have been passed down from generation to generation, guests can also experience Sri Lanka’s traditional culinary culture through village dinners and cookery classes giving a deeper taste of authentic local flavours. With Amanwella’s proximity to the ocean, the fishermen that can be observed from the property are the very people catching the yellowfin tuna, red mullet, and grouper also found on the menu. 


Farewell to plastic 

As well as low-energy lighting, Amanwella follows Aman’s strict brand guidelines surrounding single-use and disposable plastics. Lessening the impact, recycled glass bottles are used for water, provided in partnership with a local supplier, and all guest rooms are plastic-free. In addition, each product delivered to the property is either wrapped with butter paper or oil-absorbent papers to balance best practices with the highest hygiene standards.  

Eco-friendly aloe vera

Aman has always been green minded with hand-crafted refillable dispensers for soaps, shampoo and conditioner stocked in every en suite. Sourced from independent suppliers, the toiletries at Amanwella are not imported, and these aloe vera-enhanced products are charmingly presented in ceramic bottles, created by local artisans. In addition - as at all Aman hotels - guests can opt out of daily bed linens and towels being changed with the hotel thanking guests who have helped Aman have a lighter footprint, by making a donation to local charities.