Sustainability at Amanpuri

Eating greener, cleaning beaches, growing organically and fostering the next generation

Ensconced within pockets of lush tropical vegetation and designed to echo the Buddhist architecture of ancient Ayutthaya, the original Aman is a secluded retreat on its own private peninsula, influenced in its daily operations by the bountiful environment that it inhabits and serves to protect.  


Local, seasonal, plant-prioritising menus

Vegetarianism and a preference for low-carbon-footprint plant-heavy dishes have always been at the forefront of Aman’s approach to dining. In the first Aman resort, Amanpuri ensures a true connection with its surroundings through the authentic flavour of indigenous ingredients. Where possible at the resort’s 3 signature restaurants, all produce is sourced from local growers and small-scale producers with a daily supply of tropical fruits, chillis and the freshest vegetables.  

Kitchen cultivation

Amanpuri’s Wellness and Kitchen Garden works to nourish guests while nurturing nature - one of the most significant sustainability benefits being soil regeneration. The gardening team uses reclaimed and recycled bamboo from the resort to build tiered terraces to prevent topsoil from deteriorating and to retain as much water as possible from irrigation. An ongoing project, the garden grows herbs and vegetables used across the resort’s kitchens, and in spa and wellness treatments.   

Closing the loop

Amanpuri’s composting facility allows the resort’s gardeners to collaborate with the kitchen team to collect all cut grass, fallen leaves, weeds and other gardening and food waste to form an all-natural organic soil-enricher. This puts the resort’s green waste to good use, creating a healthier and more sustainable environment. The calcium from eggshells is also a welcome addition to the garden soil, moderating acidity levels and providing valuable plant nutrients.  



A commitment to the oceans 

On the shores of the Andaman Sea, Amanpuri supports Phuket-based foundation, Oceans for All, through the sale of Ocean Color Thailand. On sale in Amanpuri’s Eco Beach Discovery Centre, this beautiful book features staggering underwater shots. All proceeds are donated to the charity so they can continue their work coral farming, cleaning the shores and bamboo shark breeding. The feeding of baby sharks with the resort's head marine biologist and founder of the organistaion provides guests with an incredible appreciation of the need to care for Earth’s sea creatures. A privileged few have also witnessed the birth and hatching of tiny baby sharks, and later when strong and developed enough, their release to the Andaman Sea. The release of juvenile marine life such as bamboo sharks helps to restore the balance of the marine food chain.  

Beach cleans and beyond

Keeping the white sand crescent of Pansea Beach, on the west coast of Phuket, clean and pristine comes naturally to the Amanpuri team with a programme that goes deeper than daily sweeps of our coastline and the privacy of our peninsula. The team takes on an extensive clearing of The Surin’s extended rocky areas daily, which is especially important in the monsoon season. 

Mitigating microplastics

The universal desire for convenience and cleanliness means disposability and single-use plastics are hard to avoid. While controlling every link in the resort’s supply chain is impossible, the importance of reducing the waste that goes to landfill is a priority, curtailing the amount of plastic used in every way we can. Examples include sourcing ingredients from local suppliers to minimise packaging - while supporting local businesses and their immediate economy. 


For generations to come

Caring for the next generation has always been at the heart of Aman’s approach to hospitality. Supporting the nearby Surin Childcare Centre - which provides day care for about 60 children - is Amanpuri’s way of giving back and connecting with the local community, with the resort’s engineering team regularly assisting with everyday repairs to the centre, from maintaining its air-conditioning units to landscaping and painting.   

Furthermore, the resort’s endeavours extend to supporting the families of local team members, helping their children to learn English and increasing their learning opportunities. This also connects Amanpuri with the community of local schools, for which the resort offers vocational placements to help students succeed on their chosen career paths.   

Lessening the load

Our bedlinen conservation initiative offers guests the chance to opt in to have their sheets and towels changed on request, instead of daily. This is crucial to reduce the amount of water and chemicals used to protect the natural environment from the reduction in energy and detergents. In recognition of the guest’s gesture in opting out of daily linen changes, the resort contributes to local charities such as the Paklok Mangrove Plantation which helps to maintain this crucial eco-system.